Superb Sunday

i love Sundays... & mine have typically begun the same way for the past few years: wake up, reach for my laptop & dive into the Sunday Secrets over at PostSecret before i even brush my teeth. It's a little tradition that i absolutely love & look forward to all week, as nerdy as it is - i even own all the books. I love interpreting the secrets, admiring the creativity behind the postcards, being shocked, feeling for other members of the human race & occasionally reading secrets that i personally relate to. I think the incredibly inquisitive part of my personality gets high from them.

This Sunday morning was extra special, after sleeping in & waking up to the sound of silence vs the annoyance of a alarm clock, i smiled. What a glorious feeling... & after scrolling through this weeks juicy secrets, it only got better. For this Sunday, i was lucky enough to be treated to a lovely breakfast in bed.

Yes, even with star shaped fruit ♥ Something about this gesture made me feel so overwhelmingly special. I am dating an incredibly sweet & thoughtful human being who makes me ridiculously happy when we are together, it's such a wonderful feeling!

This Sunday was also special because of Super Bowl Sunday!!! I decided to be an official cheese head since i do not care for the Steelers & ate considerable amounts of cheese at my brothers party. V-dub woo-ed me with their commercials, this one was specifically marketed towards me.... why yes i do love this song, my beetle & dandelions...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


  1. it's so funny you posted this! yesterday it just so happens that i was brought breakfast in bed! it was so amazing that i thought to myself, damn i wish my camera wasn't dead so i could take a pic and blog about this! haha i also thought, i wonder if that's lame? haha thank you for assuring me it is NOT lame! we are so spoiled. :)

  2. we are living parallel lives! how awesome :) my camera & phone was dead hahah i had to use jakes! i'm sure you enjoyed your B in B just as much as me!! we are spoiled.... but i think we're worth it :)


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