March on

Oh hello, & good evening month of March, my you have arrived so quickly!! I can hardly believe we're swimming in the third month of twenty eleven already. It's so sweet to see you, as I am particularly fond of St. Patrick's Day... a wonderful day to celebrate my Irish name, consume copious amounts of alcohol & wear one of my absolute favorite colors! So, truly... it's lovely to see you & the upcoming Spring season!!

But oh March, you are extra spectacular this time around because the last week of your existence in 2011, i will be setting sail on a five night western Caribbean cruise! I'm completely obsessed with the notion of seeing Jamaica & Grand Cayman & getting away & naturally the excitement that comes with partying on a giant party ship cruising out of Mi-ah-miiii. I'm guilty of already planning outfits, in addition to run-on sentences including a LOT of ampersands.

& ohhh the bikinis... Thinspiration?

my girl, miss ├╝ber hot redhead ~ Cintia Dicker is back in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for a third time. Just in time for me to give myself a good ass kicking before i step into the sun in hopes to become freckled & looking cute in new kini's.

Twenty-four, stunning, freckled & keeping it real for natural redheads - obviously, i sweat her ♥

i broke up with my sweet friend soda pop three weeks ago (miss you Dr.P), have been working out my ab's, running (two miles today!), & workin out my bun-buns. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce & Eminem have been very supportive during my efforts, i must thank them. Here's to crossing my fingers results prevail & i'm where i want to be come the end of March.... if not, hopefully i'm too happily intoxicated to care.


  1. D&G's...$135.00, Hot bikini...$89.99, smoking hot redhead gettin drunk and wild poolside...Priceless!!!! Shizarrrrr!

  2. Hey girl its Hope you made it home safely=) Find me on facebook because I cant find you...It was awesome meeting you<3

    Tumoyia Ramirez Rodriguez


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