melodic mondaze SXSW volume I

Did i mention that i'm too poor to attend SXSW this year after all? It's true, Instead of spending days engulfed in a magical musical experience, (like i had once dreamed) i'll be working away & just listening to awesome bands in a more controlled environment.... Ohhh one day, i'll get there, i promise. In my mind i'll imagine i'm surrounded by energetic live music enthusiasts... we take extra long blinks sensing each note, feeling the vibrations of every chord & letting the sounds navigate our bodies in dangerous directions.

I complied a a slight sampling of some of the awesomeness that ears in Austin, Texas will be receiving, & i'll be there in spirit.

i might not be attending Austin for a blow my mind music fest, but i am counting the days til i embark out of Miami & head to the Western Caribbean....


  1. Very strong dismount on that post, well done!!

  2. that is your hand in the pic isn't it???


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