The royal "I will's"

Very early this morning I was awoken by my giddy Scottish mother to watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton. I've been excited about it all week, & the ceremony was absolutely beautiful, & i loved every moment of it ♥

I grew up adoring Princess Diana, a woman, my mom has admired for as long I can recall. I remember watching her marry Prince Charles when I was just a little girl (my mom taped it on VHS) & dreaming that one day I could grow up & become a Princess, just like lovely Diana. I also remember arriving home via bicycle from a slumber party in the sixth grade only to find my mom thoroughly distraught with tears streaming down her face, telling me that Princess Di had been killed in a terrible accident. I wept with her, and instantly felt so much sadness for her beautiful sons William, & Harry (who i have always especially liked... super hottie ginger!) Princess Diana was so inspiring as a humanitarian, with undeniable spirit & compassion for others. To me, she embodied beauty within & without completely.

Through out the years, i've always been interested in her two sons, watching them grow into men & fall in love. It was so exciting for me to watch the wedding this morning...Prince William & Kate seemed to be gushing in love, & the new Princess of Cambridge was absolutely stunning with her Sarah Burton designed Alexander McQueen dress. I loved her attire... the lace on her dress was so romantic and elegant, tied in with her delicate veil blowing in the wind, it was just perfect. Hello poster image of beautifully flawless princess:

I loved the whole service, I loved watching history unfold before my eyes with my mom gushing over it all on BBC America... she really was so cute pointing out all the extended family & notables. It was wonderful, everything about it. And the kiss, ohhhh the kiss, it was completely fairytale adorable on the balcony, & amazing that Princess Kate asked for a second one for all the excited on lookers.

to love, honor & keep ♥

This is me completely being a girl & gushing over the royals, & beautiful weddings (trees inside Westminster Abbey!) fairytale endings, and also admiring Prince Harry... mustn't forget that ♥

lovin on momma Earth

oh, hello internet travelers! here's to hoping you all had an exceptional Earth Day! I spent the majority of my day in my office working, but still took time to notice what an absolutely beautiful day it was yesterday in sunny Florida.

in honor of Earth Day, here's a list of eleven things you can do to show your love for our momma, planet Earth:

Plant a tree! Lowe's is giving away free trees today!

Take a ride on your bicycle instead of driving! You will get some exercise, save on gas, breathe in fresh air & you won't be emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Recycle... it blows my mind how many people don't take the time to separate their beer bottles, aluminum cans, plastic, and paper.

Walk through your place & unplug all the the electronics you aren't currently using from the wall (hair dryer, cell charger, computer charger, electric tea kettle, etc) even though they may not be in use, they are still consuming electricity! make this a habit & your bill will decrease too!

Of course you would never be litter bug, but why not pick up after those around you & make an example.

Reduce & Reuse! Why not rework something you currently own & don't really enjoy anymore, into something you love... that ripped curtain fabric could make some beautiful pillow covers, rework some clothes you don't practically love anymore into a new style you do.

Buy locally! Shop at farmers markets & local businesses in your community.

Use reclaimed water if your neighborhood offers it for watering your lawn.

Grow your own goods! Create a garden with fruits, veggies, & herbs... i would love my own lemon tree!

Take time to turn off lights in rooms that you aren't occupying & turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth or lathering your soapy hands... it all adds up!

Lastly, donate! Dropping clothes & household goods off at places like the Goodwill, Salvation Army, & thrift shops helps the reduce, reuse, recycle policy in an epic way. Some organizations will even pick up your goods at your doorstep!

Whatever you do, take the time to enjoy this lovely planet will live on & do your part to continue to make it beautiful for future generations to come ♥

ultimate grocery list

how completely awesome is this? So creative, & fully puts my shopping lists to shame, not to mention it makes me crave a cup of tea in the most serious way. Coffee will have to suffice for now ♥


melodic mondaze

Friday evening one of my absolute favorite dude friends had an epic event. For you see he & his band mates released their first album. The event was hosted inside my favorite hole-in-the-wall venue, here in Jax....Jackrabbits.

Besides having a truly great time with friends, listening to live music, sharing organic wine with my favorite hot momma, not to mention dancing... i was completely impressed with the performance DarkHorse Saloon put on for us all. Since seeing their first gig, along with a splattering in between then to now, they have fully flourished into a band nothing short of badass.

They are a local band on the rise with an intense rockin' indie sound that is reminiscent of Death from Above 1979. pure LOVE. The trio hail from Jax Beach making sick sounds sure to leave you dancin about. Their sound is vibrant, i love the guitar & bass line take offs, the way the constant drum will suddenly build and then explode into a chaotic frenzy. it's full of vibrating sounds sure to leave you happily rockin along...

i've been listenin & lovin their debut album... here is My Wave, the first track off the new album. Enjoi!

Sun filled smiles

Saturday i spent my day wandering the streets of Riverside with my mista somewhat aimlessly. We cruised with top down in squeaky clean Daisy, took in the beauty beneath shaded trees as we roamed sidewalks, filled our bellies & admired the views at the Arts Market.

I spied this old Chrysler while we were walking & had to capture it. Absolutely dope.

I had hopes of finding a charming place to keep my belongings, my darling weenie & myself with no such luck. I did however have a glorious time talking to artists at the market while finding lovely treasures.

the mista & i swooned over The Squashed Bottle booth.

He gave me a Red Bicyclette squashed wine bottle cheese board... because i love old bicycles... wine... & obsessively, cheese. SO CUTE! I kind of already had a crush on a similar bottle (see:) I bought him a 3 yuengling bottle tier wind chime, since it's his favorite & his lonely lanai is dying to make music. The couple that create everything (through recycling!) were so sweet & I think it's amazing how they turn empty bottles into pieces of art locally.

While i was chatting up Victor, a local talented painter wayyyy out of my price range my sweetest met a Vietnamese wood whittler who hand carved an ornate owl box... he surprised me with it, and i'm in love...

i'm blogging intermission style during an intense flyers playoff game... my new favorite team & sport of the moment ♥

pocket full of sunshine

So, one of my friends saw the movie Easy A in theaters a little while ago, & immediately told me that not only did it make her laugh considerably, but that the redheaded star reminded her of me due to her sense of humor & overall wit. Maybe also because we both have red hair & anytime i get the "you know who you remind me of?" it's typically a fellow ginger. hmmm imagine that? :)

Anyway, recently i watched it & found myself giggling at a number of scenes... namely this one, that i completely & whole heartedly related to in an entirely nerdy way:

am i the only one who found that absolutely hilarious? The movie is a current day take on Nathaniel Hawthrone's The Scarlet Letter a book i remember reading myself in ninth grade English. The film definitely has it's teen movie moments but has a solid overall message & is charming in it's own little way.

thrifted hooters

While perusing a Goodwill store in Davie, Florida I stumbled upon two lovely, lonely solid brass owls. I simply could not leave them abandoned any longer & decided to adopt them.

They now sit ever so comfortably in their new home atop my desk at work. I cleverly positioned them in close proximity to my speakers so they have the opportunity to grasp all the lovely tunes in the air. Not gonna lie, they're a nice set of hooters.

traveling toes

i can hardly believe me & my traveling toes have been back home a full week now.

The mista & i had an absolutely amazing vacation... & i do mean, AHHH-MAZE-INGGG! We ventured down the state & boarded a glorious giant ship named Destiny ported in Miami. Miss Destiny glided through the deep blue ocean to take us physically to Jamaica & the Cayman Islands, & mentally to harmonious unabridged bliss.

We drank copious amounts of alcohol day & night, basked in the breeze on our completely baller balcony, kissed in foreign lands, devoured delicious meals, fell in love with Jamaica, & i even overcame my fear of heights by jumping off a mountain & into the rain forest via zip line. ahem thoroughly awesome! Eight glorious days without an alarm clock, without any agenda at all except to enjoy every waking moment any way we desired.

We shimmied the streets of Grand Cayman, floated down a beautiful river for three miles... with equally beautiful people, & my incredibly charming mista dolski even twirled me on the dance floor every evening aboard Miss D! I have so many stories & pictures to share from our little expedition, this was only a taste. i can whole heatedly share that i fell much deeper out on those big blue waves & am in complete awe of the special man who literally walked into my life out of no where. He keeps tellin me it's destiny...