lovin on momma Earth

oh, hello internet travelers! here's to hoping you all had an exceptional Earth Day! I spent the majority of my day in my office working, but still took time to notice what an absolutely beautiful day it was yesterday in sunny Florida.

in honor of Earth Day, here's a list of eleven things you can do to show your love for our momma, planet Earth:

Plant a tree! Lowe's is giving away free trees today!

Take a ride on your bicycle instead of driving! You will get some exercise, save on gas, breathe in fresh air & you won't be emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Recycle... it blows my mind how many people don't take the time to separate their beer bottles, aluminum cans, plastic, and paper.

Walk through your place & unplug all the the electronics you aren't currently using from the wall (hair dryer, cell charger, computer charger, electric tea kettle, etc) even though they may not be in use, they are still consuming electricity! make this a habit & your bill will decrease too!

Of course you would never be litter bug, but why not pick up after those around you & make an example.

Reduce & Reuse! Why not rework something you currently own & don't really enjoy anymore, into something you love... that ripped curtain fabric could make some beautiful pillow covers, rework some clothes you don't practically love anymore into a new style you do.

Buy locally! Shop at farmers markets & local businesses in your community.

Use reclaimed water if your neighborhood offers it for watering your lawn.

Grow your own goods! Create a garden with fruits, veggies, & herbs... i would love my own lemon tree!

Take time to turn off lights in rooms that you aren't occupying & turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth or lathering your soapy hands... it all adds up!

Lastly, donate! Dropping clothes & household goods off at places like the Goodwill, Salvation Army, & thrift shops helps the reduce, reuse, recycle policy in an epic way. Some organizations will even pick up your goods at your doorstep!

Whatever you do, take the time to enjoy this lovely planet will live on & do your part to continue to make it beautiful for future generations to come ♥

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