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So, one of my friends saw the movie Easy A in theaters a little while ago, & immediately told me that not only did it make her laugh considerably, but that the redheaded star reminded her of me due to her sense of humor & overall wit. Maybe also because we both have red hair & anytime i get the "you know who you remind me of?" it's typically a fellow ginger. hmmm imagine that? :)

Anyway, recently i watched it & found myself giggling at a number of scenes... namely this one, that i completely & whole heartedly related to in an entirely nerdy way:

am i the only one who found that absolutely hilarious? The movie is a current day take on Nathaniel Hawthrone's The Scarlet Letter a book i remember reading myself in ninth grade English. The film definitely has it's teen movie moments but has a solid overall message & is charming in it's own little way.


  1. hahaha i am so glad you added this post! this is not only one of the funniest movies i have seen in a while but this scene was definitely my favorite part! every time i hear that song now i immediately think of this scene and laugh to myself :)

  2. :) yes nicole! my favorite too - so funny!! i also loved how she interacted with woodchuck Todd, aka lobster Todd. hahaha. this song was seriously stuck in my head ALLLLL day yesterday & i kept picturing her singing into the shower head, completely had to post it! glad it made you laugh too!!

  3. OMG, i haven't seen this movie but now i want too! i have to somehow talk the mister into it for tonights flick pick! :) love this post, made me smile :)

  4. i LOVED this movie & this song was stuck in my head for WEEKS after!



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