giggle fest

Saturday night my sweetheart took me to the comedy zone here in Jacksonville for another glorious giggle fest. I absolutely love going there, & was delighted to see what Josh Blue & Jamie Morgan had to offer up in the laughter department. Josh Blue, the headliner comedian, who apparently is pretty well known after appearing on Last Comic Standing & Comedy Central.... (i never tuned in for either) was fantastic.

& i am just now realizing who Josh Blue looks like... he had this air of familiarity wafting around him, but with the long island iced teas i just couldn't quite place it. Now, soberly & sweetly i see it clearly. Come on, tell me...

is this guy Screech Powers body double or what?? Seriously, did Dustin Diamond's mother also give birth to an equally goofy (but funnier) dude with cerebral palsy!?! I can only imagine i'm not the first to question his whereabouts on or off the Bayside High campus.... hopefully, he's not getting high fives for dirty sanchez's on a regular basis either.

Back to the show.... he was HIL-A-RIOUS. It's epic how he braves the stage, putting his disability on full display & creates positive energy. He was incredibly likeable & funny, i also loved how he handled the drunken comments streaming from the crowd via one trashed redneck. I think he was being compared to a "deaf turkey" at one point, or some equally ridiculous farm related creature with a disability. Hello, awesome! It's absolutely brilliant listening to drunk middle aged redneck men try to be entertaining & witty... & then quickly shot down.

The other comedian also had me laughing, & taught me that Jacksonville is the blowjob capital of the universe. Knowledge is power i always say... my favorite part about him took place after the set was complete when i was (im)patiently waiting in the ladies room. The ladies all loved this man, and all were talking about how badly they wanted to caress his bald head. Okay, maybe no one said that exactly, but they all wanted him, which i found particularly amusing.

Solid night listening to live comedy, here is a clip of Josh Blue from Last Comic Standing:

i definitely recommend checking him out & supporting his talents!

little life updates

This past weekend i walked into a leasing office & made arrangements to have my own little one bed & bath on a third floor baby penthouse. Yes, i'm calling it a baby penthouse. Why? ...because although it's definitely technically not, it sounds snazzy, & i dig that.

Although i have a little over a month before i move in, I'll have eight hundred and fifty one square feet allllllll to myself... with the exception of one demanding, but ever so darling dachshund i will happily share the space with. i'm slightly obsessed with discovering just how i'm going to decorate my small space. & by slightly, i do mean overwhelmingly.

A sweet girl, who i have known since i was a tiny little girl, terrified to make even a peep to strangers set me up with the place & completely took care of me. Shannon, daughter to one of my mom's BFF's is charming, sweet, funny, & a little feisty, just like me. I've known her since forever, she was probably one of my first friends & once upon a time... we loved to ride around our neighborhood stealing newspapers from driveways & placing them into our bicycle baskets. It thrilled us, & we would redistribute the papers later, because we enjoyed imagining the life of a paperboy....I wonder how many of our neighbors hated us for it? :) i don't foresee any more paper routes in our near future, but i'm quite stoked to be spending more time with her. Did i mention, not only does she work in my future complex, but she also lives there which means i have a built in pale pool partna' & gym groupie.

okay enough decor & apartment dreaming... i'm on the eve of a three day weekend & ready to venture into actual dreamland.

happy memorial day weekend world & goodnight!

melodic mondaze

Oh the sounds of new music... i love it. Manchester Orchestra, a band i just so happen to adore has dropped their latest album Simple Math. It's wonderful, & I can't stop listening to it since i got it (thanks BG!) & i am so wishing i could transport myself to Orlando tomorrow night for their set at House of Blues with Cage the Elephant. They put on an intensely awesome set, if you ever get the opportunity to see them... take it!

I love MO for their honesty, & the intense amount of passion that undeniably lies within the lyrics and behind the instrumentals. I sense they are ever evolving, much like my darling Brand New, especially after listening to their latest concept LP. The title track is dope, & I love the creativity behind the opera-esq Virgin with it's channeling themes split with a little taste of Pink Floyd's The Wall. I'm also swooning over April Fool for the melodic harmonies & loud drums... "'I have time, those blinking lights controlled my sight and blinded me in spite". Andy Hull is kind of a lyrical genius. I relate to his questionings of the universe & religion. He's brutally honest, deep & the whole album is fantastic, take a listen for yourself:

love affairs

Recently i've been having love affairs with random things. The latest, being exported from Mexico....

& yes, this officially means i have given up my 'no soda diet'. Seriously, if one is to drink soda pop... this is the only way, with pure Mexican sugar cane in a thick glass bottle out of a bouncing straw!

It's absolutely delicious, nostalgic & wonderful... if you ever spy one, grab one... pop open & indulge yourself, trust me!

i've also been crushing on a little book titled Just Kids written by Patti Smith, "The Godmother of Punk" it's the story of her relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorp, being in love, poor, & surviving in the late sixties & early seventies in the underground art world. She's a dreamer whose captivating words have been filling my brain with imagery.

& since i've had a weakness for JFK since my elementary school report & visual aid received an A++ (this is me gloating) i've naturally found myself swooning over...

Though the miniseries has already aired, & I naturally know how it will tragically end, I have learned so much about the interesting American dynasty known as the Kennedy's through this program. Greg Kinnear is brilliant as JFK, as is Katie Holmes to Jackie O...not to mention, her outfits are impeccable & style spot on. It's like watching art. I must also add that clearly I was living under a rock, and totally unaware of what an absolutely heinous man Joe Kennedy was... he secretly arranged to have his first daughter lobotomized, leaving her permanently incapacitated when she was only twenty-three. How's that for daddy issues? Needless to say, i'm hooked on the drama.

& with my latest decision to move into my own place little one bedroom this summer(!!!), i am daydreaming constantly about my future place. Literally, i've been swimming in a sea of imaginary decorating bliss. Say hello, & decorative dreaming... where i find beautiful inspiring rooms such as:


Ohhh it is sooo much fun to dream. My little fingers have been dancing all over the keys searching craigslist, ikea, west elm & so on. I am so very excited at all the possibilities that await!

little owl

Last week, a darling little girl my two sweet friends created turned one years old ♥ Amber, little Irie girl's mother planned a wonderful party for her. Their house was delightfully dressed in colors with different DIY patterns everywhere along with a craft station, sweet shoppe & owls galore. Look WHOOOOS one was the theme & it was absolutely adorable.

Irie has the sweetest room with a painted tree mural complete with handmade silk flowers via one creative momma & vintage touches throughout. I wish i had photos of it to share its uber cuteness, but alas i do not. Sticking with themes, i decided to paint the little owl her own little owl for her bedroom. I drew inspiration from a Japanese vintage owl figurine...

& painted one onto a tree just for her. I was going for a pointillism sky channeling Van Gogh, but alas was a little disappointed in the finish. i mean i guess i'm no vincent geez :) but i still was pleased with it. i added a little saying "Little owl HOOTS, you're loved Irie Blue" because seriously, that little doll is swimming in love. Here is the 12 x 12 finished painting...

I still can't fathom the idea of having children, but if i ever do, i would be over the moon if my little one was as darling as Irie Blue.


i'm craving an escape. Just a little break from my world into one i'm less familiar with would be just swell. Really, i havent been sleeping terribly well & i'm desperately missing dreamland. I'm thinking i need an via a beautifully shaped giant air balloon sounds fitting, perhaps if only in my dreams.

I close my eyes & remember being a little girl, taking a trip with my family from our home in Pensacola, Florida to Mobile, Alabama. I think i was in the first grade, and we drove north to some sort of festival. It was the first time i laid eyes on a hot air balloon. They were lined up & scattered about and it absolutely blew my mind. Instantly they all seemed so magical and wonderful to me, i remember wanting so badly to get into that basket, yet was completely content staring in awe & amazement as they floated. Few things are as vivid to me as that image. I still harbor those same magical thoughts for those giant balloons in the sky, though i haven't came as close to one since. It's funny, heights make me incredibly nervous (even climbing ladders!) but i know i would willingly jump into a wicker basket being carried only by enormous fabric & gasoline with a grin on my face. I suppose it's the beautiful wonder of it all.

thoughts on this historic day for America

I remember precisely where i was nearly ten years ago when the towers fell, of course i do... you probably do too. I was sitting atop a stool in the middle of my Chemistry class in utter shock & disbelief as to what was happening & what it could possibly mean. I sat in front of the television for a week straight, consuming every news program i possibly could, trying to make sense of it all. That was the first time I heard the name Osama Bin Laden, the first time i ever really recall learning about al Qaeda. My heart was aching for America, for all the individuals who just woke up & went to work that day, who boarded an airplane, & thought their day would be another typical Tuesday. America lost nearly 3,000 citizens on that horrific day.

Osama became dubbed America's "most wanted man" after claiming that he was responsible for the attacks through a series of videos obtained & thus began a ten year man hunt for his head. Throughout the years my curiosity grew about the attacks, & reached a tipping point after watching Loose Change (a film that questions the origin of 9/11 while suggesting it may have been planned by the US government). I began to question the media, the government, & lost interest with my childhood dream of becoming a news anchor. Though i can't say with complete certainty exactly what led to the attacks, that doesn't change my stance that it was an atrocious act on the American people. Nor does it affect the sorrow i have towards the lives that were taken that day. My heart goes out to the the families of those people who were helpless & also to the brave individuals in NY who came to their aid, as well as all the passengers aboard each plane. Last night, after i finished watching a movie, I learned Obama would soon be announcing that Bin Laden was dead & in U.S. custody, after being taken down by Navy SEALs while he was in some sort of a fortress a mere 100 yards from a military base in Pakistan.

I have mixed feelings about today. Does that make me less of an American? It bothers me that there are people rejoicing the death of another human being... not only rejoicing, but dancing in the streets in full blown celebration. I remember seeing the images of people in the Middle East giddy in the streets, elated about the attacks on America, & the lives that were consequently lost. I thought it was utterly disgusting, & wondered how those people could act in such a monstrous way. Honestly, i think it's equally as disgusting watching my fellow Americans behave in the same barbarous way, under the notion that one man has been killed.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said "Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars... Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." MLK has always been an inspirational man to me, & today, i find this quote especially meaningful.

I don't intend for this post to come off as offensive to anyone, this is just my space to air my thoughts.

melodic mondaze

Spring is here & it's absolutely beautiful outside! I love May, i adore all the flowers & the sunny ray filled days. I've even decorated a May pole during a festival, no joke. I created a little electric, galaxy inspired spring playlist for all the glorious days May brings. Galaxy inspired because i can't get enough of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour after hearing them on the Heineken commercial per my poppa's request. They're danish & pretty awesome... i'm hooked & i think they flow well with these other lovely bands! enjoy ♥