i'm craving an escape. Just a little break from my world into one i'm less familiar with would be just swell. Really, i havent been sleeping terribly well & i'm desperately missing dreamland. I'm thinking i need an via a beautifully shaped giant air balloon sounds fitting, perhaps if only in my dreams.

I close my eyes & remember being a little girl, taking a trip with my family from our home in Pensacola, Florida to Mobile, Alabama. I think i was in the first grade, and we drove north to some sort of festival. It was the first time i laid eyes on a hot air balloon. They were lined up & scattered about and it absolutely blew my mind. Instantly they all seemed so magical and wonderful to me, i remember wanting so badly to get into that basket, yet was completely content staring in awe & amazement as they floated. Few things are as vivid to me as that image. I still harbor those same magical thoughts for those giant balloons in the sky, though i haven't came as close to one since. It's funny, heights make me incredibly nervous (even climbing ladders!) but i know i would willingly jump into a wicker basket being carried only by enormous fabric & gasoline with a grin on my face. I suppose it's the beautiful wonder of it all.


  1. Floating in a hot air balloon observing the cities and landscapes from above like a google earth map slowly zooming out sounds like a magnificent dream-scape to me. Does writing help with your pursuit of dreams?

  2. maybe it is God calling, stirring up something in you to do great things

  3. how about an escape to delray beach? sayyyy this weekend??


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