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Saturday night my sweetheart took me to the comedy zone here in Jacksonville for another glorious giggle fest. I absolutely love going there, & was delighted to see what Josh Blue & Jamie Morgan had to offer up in the laughter department. Josh Blue, the headliner comedian, who apparently is pretty well known after appearing on Last Comic Standing & Comedy Central.... (i never tuned in for either) was fantastic.

& i am just now realizing who Josh Blue looks like... he had this air of familiarity wafting around him, but with the long island iced teas i just couldn't quite place it. Now, soberly & sweetly i see it clearly. Come on, tell me...

is this guy Screech Powers body double or what?? Seriously, did Dustin Diamond's mother also give birth to an equally goofy (but funnier) dude with cerebral palsy!?! I can only imagine i'm not the first to question his whereabouts on or off the Bayside High campus.... hopefully, he's not getting high fives for dirty sanchez's on a regular basis either.

Back to the show.... he was HIL-A-RIOUS. It's epic how he braves the stage, putting his disability on full display & creates positive energy. He was incredibly likeable & funny, i also loved how he handled the drunken comments streaming from the crowd via one trashed redneck. I think he was being compared to a "deaf turkey" at one point, or some equally ridiculous farm related creature with a disability. Hello, awesome! It's absolutely brilliant listening to drunk middle aged redneck men try to be entertaining & witty... & then quickly shot down.

The other comedian also had me laughing, & taught me that Jacksonville is the blowjob capital of the universe. Knowledge is power i always say... my favorite part about him took place after the set was complete when i was (im)patiently waiting in the ladies room. The ladies all loved this man, and all were talking about how badly they wanted to caress his bald head. Okay, maybe no one said that exactly, but they all wanted him, which i found particularly amusing.

Solid night listening to live comedy, here is a clip of Josh Blue from Last Comic Standing:

i definitely recommend checking him out & supporting his talents!

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