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This past weekend i walked into a leasing office & made arrangements to have my own little one bed & bath on a third floor baby penthouse. Yes, i'm calling it a baby penthouse. Why? ...because although it's definitely technically not, it sounds snazzy, & i dig that.

Although i have a little over a month before i move in, I'll have eight hundred and fifty one square feet allllllll to myself... with the exception of one demanding, but ever so darling dachshund i will happily share the space with. i'm slightly obsessed with discovering just how i'm going to decorate my small space. & by slightly, i do mean overwhelmingly.

A sweet girl, who i have known since i was a tiny little girl, terrified to make even a peep to strangers set me up with the place & completely took care of me. Shannon, daughter to one of my mom's BFF's is charming, sweet, funny, & a little feisty, just like me. I've known her since forever, she was probably one of my first friends & once upon a time... we loved to ride around our neighborhood stealing newspapers from driveways & placing them into our bicycle baskets. It thrilled us, & we would redistribute the papers later, because we enjoyed imagining the life of a paperboy....I wonder how many of our neighbors hated us for it? :) i don't foresee any more paper routes in our near future, but i'm quite stoked to be spending more time with her. Did i mention, not only does she work in my future complex, but she also lives there which means i have a built in pale pool partna' & gym groupie.

okay enough decor & apartment dreaming... i'm on the eve of a three day weekend & ready to venture into actual dreamland.

happy memorial day weekend world & goodnight!

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