love affairs

Recently i've been having love affairs with random things. The latest, being exported from Mexico....

& yes, this officially means i have given up my 'no soda diet'. Seriously, if one is to drink soda pop... this is the only way, with pure Mexican sugar cane in a thick glass bottle out of a bouncing straw!

It's absolutely delicious, nostalgic & wonderful... if you ever spy one, grab one... pop open & indulge yourself, trust me!

i've also been crushing on a little book titled Just Kids written by Patti Smith, "The Godmother of Punk" it's the story of her relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorp, being in love, poor, & surviving in the late sixties & early seventies in the underground art world. She's a dreamer whose captivating words have been filling my brain with imagery.

& since i've had a weakness for JFK since my elementary school report & visual aid received an A++ (this is me gloating) i've naturally found myself swooning over...

Though the miniseries has already aired, & I naturally know how it will tragically end, I have learned so much about the interesting American dynasty known as the Kennedy's through this program. Greg Kinnear is brilliant as JFK, as is Katie Holmes to Jackie O...not to mention, her outfits are impeccable & style spot on. It's like watching art. I must also add that clearly I was living under a rock, and totally unaware of what an absolutely heinous man Joe Kennedy was... he secretly arranged to have his first daughter lobotomized, leaving her permanently incapacitated when she was only twenty-three. How's that for daddy issues? Needless to say, i'm hooked on the drama.

& with my latest decision to move into my own place little one bedroom this summer(!!!), i am daydreaming constantly about my future place. Literally, i've been swimming in a sea of imaginary decorating bliss. Say hello, & decorative dreaming... where i find beautiful inspiring rooms such as:


Ohhh it is sooo much fun to dream. My little fingers have been dancing all over the keys searching craigslist, ikea, west elm & so on. I am so very excited at all the possibilities that await!

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  1. love love the bedrooms! im stuck with mine, need yo help woman! :)


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