melodic mondaze

Oh the sounds of new music... i love it. Manchester Orchestra, a band i just so happen to adore has dropped their latest album Simple Math. It's wonderful, & I can't stop listening to it since i got it (thanks BG!) & i am so wishing i could transport myself to Orlando tomorrow night for their set at House of Blues with Cage the Elephant. They put on an intensely awesome set, if you ever get the opportunity to see them... take it!

I love MO for their honesty, & the intense amount of passion that undeniably lies within the lyrics and behind the instrumentals. I sense they are ever evolving, much like my darling Brand New, especially after listening to their latest concept LP. The title track is dope, & I love the creativity behind the opera-esq Virgin with it's channeling themes split with a little taste of Pink Floyd's The Wall. I'm also swooning over April Fool for the melodic harmonies & loud drums... "'I have time, those blinking lights controlled my sight and blinded me in spite". Andy Hull is kind of a lyrical genius. I relate to his questionings of the universe & religion. He's brutally honest, deep & the whole album is fantastic, take a listen for yourself:


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