dream kitchen

I love to daydream about home decor... i absolutely love to fantasize about one day having my dream kitchen. In the spirit of dreaming... here's some lovely images of what i might someday be cooking in ♥

i adore these vintage inspired new appliances from the big chill. Amazing!

I'm currently loving the pistachio & butter yellow hues.

of course, my dream kitchen will contain my darling pyrex collection... & maybe even some wild wallpaper on the walls...

no kitchen would be complete without my truly adorable yellow rotary dial wall telephone.

& it would definitely have to have a spacious bar, to use as a work space, as well as an informal dining & chatting spot. i love these bar stools!

i love this funky over head lighting. i'm not a big fan of over head lighting, i prefer muted mood lighting... but this is fantastic, i dig.

a charming sink with subway tiles for a back splash would be appreciated... those knobs are cute too!

also, what an aesthetically pleasing & creative way to store dish soap!

i suppose i'm done day dreaming of a kitchen that is well out of arms reach for now. i'll be moving into my new baby penthouse next weekend & i'll have the fun of making my new kitchen as lovely as it can be in the mean time.


say hello to bicyle inspiration

Meet Danny, a Scottish lad with a penchant for pedaling. I was introduced (virtually, of course) to him today via my co-worker Jonathan, & instantly amazed... I bet you will be too.

Danny is incredibly innovative & daring on his bicycle. He's a pro street rider for Inspired Bicycles & it's this video below that has completely changed his life. It's filmed in Edinburgh along lovely Scottish streets. It's absolutely insane the maneuvers he makes on a bike... this kid is irrationally talented on two wheels.

Danny boy picks up extra points from me for using Band of Horses as the background music in his video. & did i mention he's also a ginger?

Since the whirlwind popularity of his video, Danny has quit his job as a mechanic, & rides full time. He has been featured in NY Times, earned endorsement spots, landed jobs as a Hollywood stunt man & even appeared in a VW commercial. I love seeing passionate, enthusiastic individuals excel at doing what they love.

melodic mondaze

happy monday!! This post is circled around some serious home town love... Saturday night i went to witness one of my favorite band's homecoming show here in Jacksonville. Those faceless gentleman photographed above are none other than the gents of Yellowcard.

The venue was Mavericks downtown at the Landing, my first time seeing a show at this location & i was pretty impressed with it... large, nice acoustics & an adequate bar staff. Son of a Bad Man opened & although i missed part of their set, their finish was solid, i love how they incorporate little quips of well known random songs in with their own. Its unique, & it completely gets the crowd involved. Runner-Runner followed Son of a Bad Man, & i would be lying if i said i enjoyed it, even slightly. I had no idea what to expect from this band i had never heard of, but i most definitely wasn't expecting a crew of guys with gelled spiky hair, weak boy band dance moves & a bubblegum pop sound. Needless to say, i welcomed them with finger gestures & obnoxious shouting. Still can't fathom why YC would bring those chumps on tour.

enough of that... moving on to greater moments -

complete shit mobile phone pics... i still love them.

Yellowcard put on a fantastic set. It was amazing, i got completely lost in their music.... my mind was flooded with memories for what seemed like every song. It doesn't seem like so long ago when they were just getting started. I did a lot of growing up with Yellowcard, & have related to most every song lyrically, to me they are home. I couldn't help but go back in time, working my way to the front of the crowd & going wild. My feet are, of course, painted with bruises... but, Ryan Key did grab my hand & sing to me. So, it was well worth it, because in all honesty, it was pretty magical.

Below is the full set list.

cuteness overload

holy handful of cuteness!! this little guy is so freaking adorable... he completely makes me want to pick up prickly creatures in my hand and turn them upside down. That only sounds partially crazy right? He's just SO little... :D this delighted me immediately, & i simply had to share!

Tomorrow is Friiiiiday! i've been busy working on my furniture projects this week & still have a ways to go, but everything is coming along smoothly & i'm super excited for the end result. yay midcentury furniture!! i'm headed to the land of sweet Swedish furniture this weekend (oh, hello there IKEA) & quite looking forward to it to pick up more goods. I'm also going to sing-a-long with Ryan Key this weekend for Yellowcard's home town show.... don't mind if i do.

Crossing my fingers for sweet dreams & more rain. i'm a sleepy girl this evening.

goodnight blog-o-sphere. xoxo

lovely lattes

say good morning to a cup of awesomeness....

never have i ever consumed a beverage as lovely (or even close to) as these... hello deliciousness. Latte art ~ talk about a true barista artisan being able to create one of these. it would almost be a shame to consume one of these, right?

still, i would really love one

click here for forty "mind-blowing" images of lovely latte art. & if you're feeling inspired, & think you've got the skills to make your own cup-o-art?

Here's a little how-to i've found.

melodic mondaze

Every so often i hear a cover of a song that i really enjoy... rarely is it a Beatles cover. Naturally, every so often something sparks in the universe & something beautifully rare & wonderful occurs. Recently i heard a little band called Dirt Poor Robins cover Eleanor Rigby & it was just that. Unique & glorious.....

& in the spirit of cover songs... i've also had an intense guilty pleasure in watching a new singing series on NBC called "The Voice". To be quite frank, i am utterly hooked on this show & tune in weekly to hear these amazing, astounding voices. NBC PLUG? No... really. i'm girl crushing on two contestants hard. Am i crazy? ...how could i not adore Dia Frampton after hearing her unique spin on Kayne West's Heartless (she plays the piano... & it's worth waiting for the ad)

can you guess what i'll be watching tomorrow eve? ♥ happy monday

Three weeks from today i will be moving into my "baby penthouse". Enter squeals of excitement! My mind has been flooding with different design ideas for my future home.... i really cannot believe it's been six months since i moved back in with my wonderful roommates (ahem, parents). Oh how i miss my lovely things that have been hiding in a 10 x 10 climate controlled box. 2011 is flying by at a seriously alarming rate...something that the elderly have always warned me about. They were right, go figure!? & As tempting as it is to focus all of my energy on the creativity that will go into making said 'baby penthouse' adorable, i'm also all about making the most out of every. single. day. That's what i'm currently striving even more so to do.

here's to soaking it all in before (& after) twenty-twelve is at my feet.

My weekend is going to be filled with family time, and i am whole heatedly looking forward to it: a baby shower BBQ, creative furniture DIY projects, a Father's day celebration wrapped up with a bowling adventure, bicycle riding (weather permitting), movies dates & quality time with my mista & my teeny weenie dog

It's raining outside (i'm loving it!) & I'm starting off the weekend with a couple deliciously strong margaritas along side tasty Mexican food at one of my favorite restaurants! Cheers!

diggin on delray

i had a lovely little weekend getaway in Delray Beach, FL ♥ fun in the sun with beautiful people. the mista & i ventured down Friday evening to stay with my bff, Jessica & her beau Simon. Super relaxing & a ton of fun.... sharing drinks, chillin on the beach, swimming, paddle boarding, giggling in coffee shops, eating delicious food & sharing a special bday dinner with another wonderful couple we love. mmmm ginormous scrumptious Italian dishes over wine & great conversation. It was seriously perfect. topped off with a giant bubbly bath.... i love weekends!

coming back to my reality came quick, i miss having my girls so close by & carefree days with no agenda already. Today was a solid Monday though, even with an awkward & painful little sunburn that i brought back with me. sweet souvenir! i desperately missed my little doggie & i'm so happy to be snuggling with her now while the rain is pouring down outside. love, love, love

wandering the WWW

this evening i'm sharing incredible things i've stumbled upon while browsing this wondrous world wide web:

like this absolutely stunning & incredibly perfect chair~

could i be more in love with this chair? mid century legs paired with yellow dandelion fabric? unfortunately it's from the UK & at ₤595.... it's just slightly out of the grasp of reality. sigh.

i kind of fell in love with the idea of drinking my coffee & finding a little owl peeking out to say hello each morning! it's a classy touch, if i do say so myself.

this glorious video about prejudice by Tim Minchin (props to my friend Blake for sharing):

these tents:

make me want to go camping seriously, how cool?? if i cant camp in a real VW bus, i'll take a tent that resembles on, it a heartbeat.

this strikingly creative & darling wreath made from wine corks:

i'm officially saving all my corks to do something equally creative with!

how about this ama-ZING duo Karmin (aka Amy & Matt) they are huge on youtube with their killer covers... this one a personal fav where she crushes Chris Brown's Look @ Me Now (kiss, kiss JKD for sharing!)

i love a white girl with awesome bangs who can annihilate a busta verse!

just discovered this seemingly delicious brownie ice-cream cake:

definitely the next thing i am baking!!

Well ♥ i am off for a weekend getaway & so incredibly excited to wander around Delray, Beach with the best company after a little four hour road trip!

XOXO here's to a lovely weekend!

the sky people

Summer is here ♥ & the Atlantic is sooo lovely & warm this time of year!! It felt so good to go visit her, bask in her beauty & feel her salt on my lips. While i was lounging ever so comfortably on a beautiful, sandy Florida beach after a most wonderful long walk along the shore... i was surprised to look in the sky & find company. These people literally made my day brighter, these sky people (as i've named them) seemed magical soaring above & just floating on by. ahem que Modest Mouse here...

Personally, i'm quite positive that i would absolutely freak out at the notion of taking flight and soaring through the sky on a little chair attached to a giant fan & parachute in solitude, yet i found it to be really, really cool. Definitely the most magical thing i've laid eyes on lately, & i'm so happy my little cellular device photos came out as good as they did!

melodic mondaze

Last week one of my favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie released their latest album. Codes & Keys is unmistakeably Death Cab, but has evolved interestingly enough with new instrumental styles & lyrical paths. "Monday Morning" is my current favorite off Codes & Keys, it's a sugary sweet love song, versus their typical style of love songs that are lingering with melancholy. Perhaps this is due to the new wedding ring on the finger of musical genius Ben Gibbard. Whats better? ... it's about a girl who happens to be in love with vintage.

Codes & Keys marks Death Cab's seventh full length... & though i'm still desperately partial to The Photo Album (2001), i've got a feeling this one is going to grow on me heavily. It has a lot of melodic bits, piano swings, gleaming guitar hooks & a more optimistic outlook musically & lyrically, which is obvious in "Stay Young, Go Dancing." The whole album flows beautifully.

if you haven't seen the wickedly cool video for their single You Are A Tourist take a look:

treasure hunting

i can't believe how quickly you have came! Oh how i loooove summer in sunny Florida... top down driving, toes in the sand, sun dresses, new freckles, sunny days, frisbee on the beach, sweet starry nights, picnics, & next month i'll have a pool to swim in! i'm also incredibly excited about a weekend road trip to beautiful Delray Beach to visit my best friend before her birthday!

What else am i smiling about?? A recent trip to an AMAZING antique shop in Daytona Beach where i picked up some supreme treasures! One of those beautiful finds was a filthy, but functioning black rotary dial desk telephone. It was gleaming with potential, & when i spied the $14 tag, i could hardly walk away, for i was smitten. Last night i thoroughly cleaned it & added a little charm to the center of the phone:

Isn't it absolutely perfect? The dial looks mint, the ringer sounds amazing, it's aesthetically pleasing, but mostly it's just classy. It look fabulous in my bedroom too, just sayin. My other finds came in the form of furniture circa the nineteen fifties. Exciting!! They are officially my newest projects, because they need a little bit of TLC to get them looking spiffy again for 2011. Their transformation will definitely make it to the blog!

So, i'm wondering if a hefty amount of people are using the speakerphone feature on their cellular device a little more frequently after learning beloved mobile phone use may cause cancer ? A little worrisome, maybe we should get out of our smart phone obsession & take it go back a little more old school.

in other news, i'm attempting to get an earlier start to my work days, wish me luck - for i am not a morning person. xoxo