cuteness overload

holy handful of cuteness!! this little guy is so freaking adorable... he completely makes me want to pick up prickly creatures in my hand and turn them upside down. That only sounds partially crazy right? He's just SO little... :D this delighted me immediately, & i simply had to share!

Tomorrow is Friiiiiday! i've been busy working on my furniture projects this week & still have a ways to go, but everything is coming along smoothly & i'm super excited for the end result. yay midcentury furniture!! i'm headed to the land of sweet Swedish furniture this weekend (oh, hello there IKEA) & quite looking forward to it to pick up more goods. I'm also going to sing-a-long with Ryan Key this weekend for Yellowcard's home town show.... don't mind if i do.

Crossing my fingers for sweet dreams & more rain. i'm a sleepy girl this evening.

goodnight blog-o-sphere. xoxo

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