diggin on delray

i had a lovely little weekend getaway in Delray Beach, FL ♥ fun in the sun with beautiful people. the mista & i ventured down Friday evening to stay with my bff, Jessica & her beau Simon. Super relaxing & a ton of fun.... sharing drinks, chillin on the beach, swimming, paddle boarding, giggling in coffee shops, eating delicious food & sharing a special bday dinner with another wonderful couple we love. mmmm ginormous scrumptious Italian dishes over wine & great conversation. It was seriously perfect. topped off with a giant bubbly bath.... i love weekends!

coming back to my reality came quick, i miss having my girls so close by & carefree days with no agenda already. Today was a solid Monday though, even with an awkward & painful little sunburn that i brought back with me. sweet souvenir! i desperately missed my little doggie & i'm so happy to be snuggling with her now while the rain is pouring down outside. love, love, love

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  1. couldn't have said it better myself. you are seriously the best friend a girl could ever ask for. i had such a good weekend with you two.


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