melodic mondaze

Every so often i hear a cover of a song that i really enjoy... rarely is it a Beatles cover. Naturally, every so often something sparks in the universe & something beautifully rare & wonderful occurs. Recently i heard a little band called Dirt Poor Robins cover Eleanor Rigby & it was just that. Unique & glorious.....

& in the spirit of cover songs... i've also had an intense guilty pleasure in watching a new singing series on NBC called "The Voice". To be quite frank, i am utterly hooked on this show & tune in weekly to hear these amazing, astounding voices. NBC PLUG? No... really. i'm girl crushing on two contestants hard. Am i crazy? could i not adore Dia Frampton after hearing her unique spin on Kayne West's Heartless (she plays the piano... & it's worth waiting for the ad)

can you guess what i'll be watching tomorrow eve? ♥ happy monday

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