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Meet Danny, a Scottish lad with a penchant for pedaling. I was introduced (virtually, of course) to him today via my co-worker Jonathan, & instantly amazed... I bet you will be too.

Danny is incredibly innovative & daring on his bicycle. He's a pro street rider for Inspired Bicycles & it's this video below that has completely changed his life. It's filmed in Edinburgh along lovely Scottish streets. It's absolutely insane the maneuvers he makes on a bike... this kid is irrationally talented on two wheels.

Danny boy picks up extra points from me for using Band of Horses as the background music in his video. & did i mention he's also a ginger?

Since the whirlwind popularity of his video, Danny has quit his job as a mechanic, & rides full time. He has been featured in NY Times, earned endorsement spots, landed jobs as a Hollywood stunt man & even appeared in a VW commercial. I love seeing passionate, enthusiastic individuals excel at doing what they love.

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  1. This video is so amazing and inspiring! I couldn't stop watching. He is so graceful on the bike it almost doesn't even look real! thx for sharing!



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