this month has been an interesting one for me, lots of growth personally as well as in my relationships. July has been a month for realizing that sometimes things fall apart, so other things can come together.

My place has been coming along swimmingly, and my charming fellow even put his two cents worth of decorating into my place.... by placing a ginormous television on top of my mid-century yellow table. electro-decor we shall call it.

To be honest, i'm ready for August, my birthdayyyy month to being tomorrow. i'm thinkin its going to be a good one. it's been a hot july & it's only going to get hotter.... just ask Button.

my mid-century makeover

Recently i picked up this small room dividing mid-century table at a lovely antique shop in Holly Hill, FL. It was in serious need of a little love to bring it back to life, but i saw it's potential shining through as being an amazing & beautiful host for a flat screen television in my living room.

a little sanding, priming, painting, poly-urethane-ing, & adorable new Indian glass knobs later....

& i'm in love with this piece. i absolutely adore the yellow, i think it works perfectly with the style. i am so pleased with how it came out.... it was definitely a labor of love. i especially appreciate the personality that comes with a refurbished mid-century piece, it's completely unique with a wonderful new flare, & it's my favorite thing in my new place. just sayin'.

a little peek @ my new place

eight days ago i began moving my things into my new home, below is a little taste of it:

more to come soon xoxoxo

movin on up

swimming in a sea of boxes, i have finally moved. Living on the third floor has it's pluses & minuses.... one giant minus is the struggle up all those stairs with the items contained inside a u-haul stuffed full. BIG love goes out to my daddy, brother, sweet boyfriend & of course my mother for assisting me!!

The place doesn't quite feel like mine yet, i'm still organizing, cleaning, unpacking, trying desperately to make it pretty as can be, & getting settled into the silence. Still no internet, & no television which is definitely a contributing factor to the silence, but i have my music, & a small barking dog...

speaking of, she has thoroughly enjoyed barking at all our new neighbors, making us out to be quite unfriendly, & has even managed to scare one small child.... brilliant protective little weenie. I cross my heart building thirteen, we are actually sweet! She has been loving my new couch, & even built a fort in my bed one morning while i was in the shower... so, i'd say she is enjoying it a little, & i'm sure we will be settled in soon.

is it bad that i haven't cooked a single thing in my new kitchen yet??

it's on my to- do list for this week now that my cabinets are stocked ♥ ... i'm thinking something like,

ok, how yummy does this spinach & cheese strata look!? My mouth is watering, it looks & sounds so delicious & i think would be absolutely perfect for a brunch,
which means i'm going to make it soon.... i've never made strata before! How exciting! here is the recipe if you'd like to get all domesticated with me!

oh, hello july

pardon me for welcoming you so late already! it's been a quite busy week for me, what with a glorious three day weekend & now i'm a mere two days shy of moving into my baby penthouse!

readers digest version of the past six days....Cirque Du Solei club seats. kissing under fireworks. IKEA. family time. friends. BBQ. Horrible Bosses & Bad Teacher movie dates. furniture projects. redheaded slut shots.

despite my little taste of wonderful it's hard to ignore all the drama happening in my home state seen nationwide with the Casey Anthony trial verdict. I can't believe she is walking, i'm curious to see what sort of sentence she will get in the morning, but mostly i'm saddened there is no justice for that poor little girl. Her little face was one that represented innocence, i think that's part of the reason America clung to this story so tightly.... besides us all naturally being intrigued by the meticulous web of lies Casey has spun. I am guilty of perceiving her as an insane, heartless individual who was proven merely to be a liar, & unfortunately we were unable to prove her as the murderer, i feel she is.

my opinion is simply that. the system is what it is. Although I wonder if she'll be able to handle the lynch mob in o-town tomorrow if she walks out....

in other news, personally, i'm super excited to decorate, organize, see all my lovely things that have been hiding in storage & put my new furniture together! i get my key friday! little things excite me :)