dinner date night

i love a good movie, & i loooooove a good meal. Recently, i shared a sweet little date night with my mista... i put together a simple, but delicious meal & escorted him to see The Help with me at our local cinema.

i kind of fell in love with it. It's an amazing story set in the sixties in Jackson, Mississippi [side note: i definitely just spelled out M-I-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I in my head. wow.] The film is circled around the civil rights movement, & the especially heated division of races in ├╝ber conservative Jackson. It's the story of an aspiring (& inspiring) young writer, who along with the help of some strong women, bring out the dirty truth of the harsh & cruel realities of racism in their world.

i loved the women in this film. They made me laugh, smile, think, and cry.

i was also particularly fond of the fashion

oh, hellllllo sunny yellow rompers poolside while chatting on my lovely rotary phone in my cat eye shades, aren't i just a doll?

I'm officially girl crushing on Emma Stone after seeing this one. It was so great, I even got the book. My fellow & I are going to read it together....

& oh yes, i'm patting myself on the back for making juicy flavorful grilled chicken over a bed of fresh greens, seasonal fruits, nuts & feta cheese for dinner.

pretty fab date night if i do say so myself.

dreaming of doors

i dream of one day having a charming little home to call my own... where i can make it beautiful, unique, warm & above all, welcoming. One design aspect that i've always appreciated is the luster a lovely door brings to a home. While perusing the interwebs i came across these awe inspiring front doors that are absolutely beautiful & leave me wishing i had a home to work my magic on, but for now i'll stay dreaming & apartment dwelling

Can you tell i really fancy mid-century doors with a splash of bright paint?? I love them all! The pink absolutely amazing art noveau door sits along a street in Brussels, definitely designed by a skilled artisan! Don't imagine myself with one quite so elaborate, but it is pretty epic!

On being disgusted

Have you ever worked for someone that you kind of despised? Completely felt opposed to their values & policies? I have, and it's just as awful as you'd imagine... granted, it's not like i was working as an assassin or forced to do seemingly terrible things against my will, & i know at this stage in the game everyone should be grateful for any job they have...BUT i've got to throw some thoughts out into cyber space after last week.

First off let me start out by saying that i am incredibly thankful that i no longer work for the company that i'm about to complain about... but, that i am also grateful for having had the opportunity to have worked there. I met some amazing people because i was employed there, my incredible boyfriend, & current boss just to name a few.


Once upon a time i worked for a big bank, one of those giant Banks you hear about on the nightly news that you probably drive past often, maybe even daily, maybe you even have a mortgage with them, or a checking/savings account, they are, after all, in most cases, right around the corner. I was one of their beloved employees once upon a time, and by beloved i do mean disposable.

Initially, i enjoyed my job - i liked interacting with different types of people on a daily basis, I felt good about helping individuals & was getting acquainted to the typical working class hours of corporate America employees. It was an adjustment, being that all of previous jobs were in more creative, laid back & local environments. I was hopeful though, a recent college grad & believed that i was easily on the path towards upper level positions where opportunities could be seemingly endless, and in turn my income would grow as well. Awesome, right? wrong.

As the months moved on and my immediate management shifted, i gathered a better understanding of what was actually surrounding me. Pressure "from above" to meet necessary quotas by any means possible, even if that meant situational ethics were removed from the equation. It was standard for my boss to suggest that i flirt with men to get more accounts, that i hit up grandmothers to open children's savings accounts, & attend on-sites ( booths setup outside of the traditional banking institution, where we can not accept money ) to convince students, typically struggling lower middle class students, to sign-up for "free" accounts in exchange for ridiculous bartering gifts.

I became disgusted with the institution that I was working for, not to mention the individuals over me who were so numbers driven they lost all sight of dignity & morality. It was harder and harder to maintain my positive attitude in working environments, i was told that my outgoing, bubbly personality & easy going nature were sometimes interpreted as immaturity & it would be best to not "stand out so much". It really got to me, and in hindsight i hate that i let them beat me down... but, that's neither here nor there. i'm just rambling.

what's really disgusting is how many people i watched them brain wash & destroy. Countless people, myself included, who were made to feel that no matter what they accomplished or how much they achieved - it was never enough, and there was always more to be obtained. This theory makes sense in some scenarios, but when one does not feel valued - this constant response becomes debilitating. In addition, there was a perpetual feeling of insecurity that we could be replaced at any time.... as if scare tactics on one's job security is the most efficient way of achieving a job well done on their behalf.

Last week i learned that one of the most dependable, knowledgeable, hard-working & loyal employees i had the pleasure of working with at the aforementioned company was let go. My heart broke a little, and i decided that what my nineteen months in the banking industry really taught me, is that big banks have ZERO appreciation for the quality of work that is put forth by an individual - only the quantity of $$ one can bring their disgusting institution.

exciting findings!

it's been a long three months of having a sad face & missing out on amazing potential photo op's because a drunken careless version of myself lost her lovely digital camera. upon awaking that hungover morning in May, i immediately cursed myself & the bar i was at the night before. & then out of the blue, while i was showering last evening & in my own world, my dreamy boyfriend miraculously discovered said camera! Turns out, drunken Erin did not lose it at the bar afterall, & it was hiding just out of my grasp all this time, begging to be touched beneath the box spring of my bed...

pretty awesome timing too... my brother, his girlfriend, the boo & i headed to The Melting Pot (nom nom nom) for a little belated birthday dinner & drinks. Talk about delicious.... it was incredible!

love martini

the mista & i

stevie & caitlin ♥ love my bro's ginger beard!

coming home to my welcoming weenies, they always make me smile!

Last evening was wonderful, i felt really special, got to wear my new lovely fuschia heels & spend a few hours with people i really love. Our waiter was completely klutzy & a nervous wreck, & i kinda loved it because it made me laugh. Melting Pot = still my favorite restaurant, but next time i'm hosting the fondue night!!

melodic mondaze

it's been a little while since i participated in one of my favorite blog features, sweet melodic mondaze.... oh how i've missed thee.

i had a really great weekend, & after creating a delicious dinner for myself tonight i've been lounging on the couch with my two favorite weenie dogs creating a little playlist reflecting my current state of a relaxed mind.

happy, happy monday!!

27 before twenty-seven

So since my birthday, i thought it would be an absolutely swell idea to doodle down a list of personal goals i hope to achieve before my next birthday arrives. Some serious, some sillier, but next year i will be a daunting twenty-seven years old...

& as C.S. Lewis once said,
"you are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream."

the following is a list of twenty-seven things i'd like to accomplish before August 14th 2012.

i love lists & i'm excited to mark off all of these goals from my heart
off over the next twelve months.

b-day recap

wild panther sightings in the boondocks. [srsly.] slumber parties. fanny packs. suede fushia platform heels. acoustic serenades. wind-blown hair. tequila. best friends & boyfriends. whiskey. jager. bud chuggin. bathroom floors. myspace mirror pics. thong song throw backs. a giant sparkly ring screaming til my voice disappeared. crucial fast food. camel toes. comfy t-shirt dresses. excitement! button snuggles. original art work. cold hard ca$h. road trippin. alarm clock ignoring. foot massages. brit berry crepes. apple store shouting. king size beds & mini bars. men in kilts. overcoming fear & insane heights. awesome iron mermaids. thoughtful cards of love. biscuits & gravy. checkers. flume rides with fate. kisses & lots & of lovin.

twenty-six has been absolutely amazing thus far
lots of love to everyone who made it so very special, especially my mista & my jt$!

{some photos via my bff Jessica}

getting the nerve

On the day i turned twenty-six (srsly? am i really twenty-six!?) i drank just enough light beer to acquire the nerve to enter a line full of equally crazy people in anticipation of jumping on board one of the tallest roller coasters in North America.

Say hello to Sheikra, one hell of a coaster with an intense 200ft climb up to the sky followed by a 200ft drop at a ninety degree angle. YES, a heart stopping, anxiety ridden, seemingly free fall at a freaking 90° drop. OH! & then there's another 138 foot drop... for a girl who is incredibly freighted at great heights - this was a huge feat for me. i held on for dear life as i tightly grasped the harness over me & watched as my feet dangled in the air, as the coaster slowly tick, tick, ticked its way upward. i thought, what have i got myself into to?? Simon announced "check out the view" & in that moment i was relieved, it was lovely & amazing being so high & seeing all of Tampa surrounding us. Ofcourse, those riveting seconds of bliss were instantly changed as we paused, cliff-hung over the edge & this photo summed up my feelings.

sheer terror.

i screamed for my life... i was convinced (completely!) i would be the girl who unbelievably flew out her seat to a brutal death at Busch Gardens. Luckily, this was not the case. Time literally seemed to stand still & then..... an incredible flow of endorphins & adrenaline, what a rush!! I honestly can't believe how much fun i had overcoming my fear of roller coasters. It's an amazing memory & i'm sooo happy i was able to experience it with the people i did & that i have this ridiculously hilarious photo to cherish.


Today marks my official nine thousand four hundred & ninety seventh day on planet Earth. Pretty impressive & unbelievable. HBD to me!

quick birthday thoughts:
love my family. so thankful for my mom & missing her so much while she is in Scotland. love my ever so charming boyfriend, who is taking me away for the weekend. love my friends who keep me laughing, act as therapists & make me feel loved. incredibly delighted for another year & the new adventures that come with it... making wishes on delicious peanut butter cupcakes

thrill ride

In three days i will be turning another year older (& hopefully wiser) & my genius boyfriend has decided to take me away for four days. I'm absolutely delighted, but also filled with a little bit of anxiety. He attempted to surprise me with tickets to a little theme park i've never been to, known as Busch Gardens... did i mention i'm terrified of roller coasters & scared of heights??

crossing my fingers i can overcome that.

My best friend, JT$ & her man are meeting us in Tampa for a little boozin, laughter filled, scream packed, slumber party madness. I'm pretty stoked about it!

my mista sent me this video inquiring if i have the balls....

not convinced that i do.

butttt i am looking forward to a little getaway, some alone time with my boo (& seeing what my birthday surprise from him isssss!), fun with my BFF, & four consecutive days without my alarm clock ♥ all i have to do now is PACK !!

pretty little things

absolutely delighted that i've started a little art project with my favorite vintage buttons.... wall art on the way as soon as i get these stitched ♥

i love this print, though i don't know who is responsible... the colors are lovely & the umbrellas look magical floating through the streets - makes me want to travel to little European villages.

vintage teapots! these just make me want to host endless tea parties... so pretty!

last night i smooshed sixteen holes into my wall to hang these cute flowers over the giant television my mista put in my living room. cell phone pic this morning during the today show...i dig them.

looking forward to trying out this adorable hairstyle styled by elsie cake, learn how here!

confession: i love browsing the interwebs for lovely images. not only is it inspiring, but it's also incredibly relaxing - especially when i'm lounging on the couch with my favorite little weenie dog. my bday is sunday! eeeep!!

jealousy breeds contempt

The internet is a glorious place filled with the power to share knowledge of virtually anything, virtually anywhere. Sometimes, that power can be daunting in the form of social networking. Sometimes i wonder, can social networking be compared to cancer for relationships?

Facebook works as a hub for connecting friends, family, acquaintances & general thoughts. That hub is also used as a place for lurking, flirting, gawking, and poking. All of this goes without saying, but for me personally, when i stumbled upon something that in a world without facebook, would potentially never have came to be, & therefore would have never been able to make me feel so... lousy, i found myself hating it's existence. I try not to be jealous, or envious, but in truth, letting go of things can be extremely hard for me, & a feeling of betrayal from a person you love is even harder to swallow.

In the end, i remind myself to let it be. I can't control what happens around me. What will be, will be... not to self: if it hurts like hell, that's just life. I'm just trying to get through each day with a smile on my face, & the hope of maintaining happiness & peace.

melodic mondaze

Sometimes i get in little moods where i listen to a lotof Regina Spektor. She's amazing, listening to her music is like reading poetry. You cant help but take every word in and relate it to a deeper meaning. She's incredibly eccentric, with eclectic lyrical & pronunciation stylings.

She rambles on about love, death, religion, little narrative stories, & mentions of greater things. There's a heavy undeniable influence of blues, it's deeply soothing.... chill feel good music. Her style is so unique, it's hard not to love her with her impressive vernacular & adorably fun yet interesting way she has of pronouncing certain words.

if you can't tell, i have a major grrrrl crush on her russian ass.