b-day recap

wild panther sightings in the boondocks. [srsly.] slumber parties. fanny packs. suede fushia platform heels. acoustic serenades. wind-blown hair. tequila. best friends & boyfriends. whiskey. jager. bud chuggin. bathroom floors. myspace mirror pics. thong song throw backs. a giant sparkly ring screaming til my voice disappeared. crucial fast food. camel toes. comfy t-shirt dresses. excitement! button snuggles. original art work. cold hard ca$h. road trippin. alarm clock ignoring. foot massages. brit berry crepes. apple store shouting. king size beds & mini bars. men in kilts. overcoming fear & insane heights. awesome iron mermaids. thoughtful cards of love. biscuits & gravy. checkers. flume rides with fate. kisses & lots & of lovin.

twenty-six has been absolutely amazing thus far
lots of love to everyone who made it so very special, especially my mista & my jt$!

{some photos via my bff Jessica}

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  1. AWESOME summary, cant wait to reread this in a year! :)


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