dinner date night

i love a good movie, & i loooooove a good meal. Recently, i shared a sweet little date night with my mista... i put together a simple, but delicious meal & escorted him to see The Help with me at our local cinema.

i kind of fell in love with it. It's an amazing story set in the sixties in Jackson, Mississippi [side note: i definitely just spelled out M-I-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I in my head. wow.] The film is circled around the civil rights movement, & the especially heated division of races in ├╝ber conservative Jackson. It's the story of an aspiring (& inspiring) young writer, who along with the help of some strong women, bring out the dirty truth of the harsh & cruel realities of racism in their world.

i loved the women in this film. They made me laugh, smile, think, and cry.

i was also particularly fond of the fashion

oh, hellllllo sunny yellow rompers poolside while chatting on my lovely rotary phone in my cat eye shades, aren't i just a doll?

I'm officially girl crushing on Emma Stone after seeing this one. It was so great, I even got the book. My fellow & I are going to read it together....

& oh yes, i'm patting myself on the back for making juicy flavorful grilled chicken over a bed of fresh greens, seasonal fruits, nuts & feta cheese for dinner.

pretty fab date night if i do say so myself.

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