jealousy breeds contempt

The internet is a glorious place filled with the power to share knowledge of virtually anything, virtually anywhere. Sometimes, that power can be daunting in the form of social networking. Sometimes i wonder, can social networking be compared to cancer for relationships?

Facebook works as a hub for connecting friends, family, acquaintances & general thoughts. That hub is also used as a place for lurking, flirting, gawking, and poking. All of this goes without saying, but for me personally, when i stumbled upon something that in a world without facebook, would potentially never have came to be, & therefore would have never been able to make me feel so... lousy, i found myself hating it's existence. I try not to be jealous, or envious, but in truth, letting go of things can be extremely hard for me, & a feeling of betrayal from a person you love is even harder to swallow.

In the end, i remind myself to let it be. I can't control what happens around me. What will be, will be... not to self: if it hurts like hell, that's just life. I'm just trying to get through each day with a smile on my face, & the hope of maintaining happiness & peace.

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  1. i know we have had countless conversations about this before... but i couldn't have said it better myself. sometimes i wish i could go back to the days when checking my fb wasn't so habitual. i also wish i could return to the days i didn't FEEL THE NEED to check things going on in others lives... yes, it is an amazing tool for networking and staying in touch,.. but i feel that sometimes it iis only a disadvantage of when used for holding on to something that once was just to make one self feel good...or who otherwise we would be ok with letting go of. it seems unhealthy knowing every detail of every day for anyone, let alone people we have not seen or heard the voice of in YEARS. (WHO KNOWS why us humans feel the need to stay in touch with lives of people we don't care to ever see again in person) ugh, anyway... i agree.


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