thrill ride

In three days i will be turning another year older (& hopefully wiser) & my genius boyfriend has decided to take me away for four days. I'm absolutely delighted, but also filled with a little bit of anxiety. He attempted to surprise me with tickets to a little theme park i've never been to, known as Busch Gardens... did i mention i'm terrified of roller coasters & scared of heights??

crossing my fingers i can overcome that.

My best friend, JT$ & her man are meeting us in Tampa for a little boozin, laughter filled, scream packed, slumber party madness. I'm pretty stoked about it!

my mista sent me this video inquiring if i have the balls....

not convinced that i do.

butttt i am looking forward to a little getaway, some alone time with my boo (& seeing what my birthday surprise from him isssss!), fun with my BFF, & four consecutive days without my alarm clock ♥ all i have to do now is PACK !!

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