beetle mania

Imagine my surprise when a trip to a flea market in Daytona Beach with my dashing beau just so happened to be hosting a VW show! Hello, amazing!

Rows of well loved beetles & buses waiting to be admired. My favorite was a mint green one, in stunning absolute perfection... i think it was a sixty-three, it was hiding beneath a tent, but people still could not help from gawking at it's undeniable beauty. Even the interior was adorable. Kicking myself for photographing it...

i did however snap a few of these beetles that were part of the all out punching war that erupted inside the vehicle as Jake & I strolled into the parking lot...

Don't get me wrong, i love Daisy:

but i must admit, all the perusing kind of made me long for an oldie beetle of my own. One day perhaps... the Daytona flea market turned out to be a bust, as it was more of a black market haven for knock off designer purses, & Chinese garbage one would find inside of a arcade game, as intriguing as that sounds.... stumbling upon Beetle Heaven was arguably destiny.

an ode to fruit

juicy, mouthwatering, delicious & sweet.

A photo of watermelon alone makes me long to taste it's juicy sweetness while my toes dance in the sand. Isn't it interesting that a fruit can provoke happy thoughts of warm sunny days? One of those magical memory provoking foods... but, did you know that some creative individuals have taken to this fruit like a painter to canvas?

Say hello to the art of watermelon carving...

i can only imagine this takes a considerable amount of time, not to mention a steady hand.... but, it is quite beautiful. It would definitely make for an epic centerpiece for the appropriate event. Yay for food art!

because celebrating a dog's birthday is normal.

... & completely necessary. my littlest (& onliest) is one year older today than she was last year. Three, i can hardly believe it.

i found it absolutely necessary that she spend the morning with me in my office at work, her afternoon chasing lizards, partying with scooter & nana, followed by presents & snuggles with me in our little place.

happy birthday button, you are the sweetest little being i've ever known, & i promise to continue showering you with love forever more.

a walk in the park

One of my absolute favorite things to do on sunny days when my Florida sky is looking particularly bright & just so happens to be beaming with white, fluffy clouds is to take a nice stroll through the park with one of my favorite humans...

enter se
ñor dolski

Nothing like a little bit of mother nature to bring a smile to your face, and some freckles to my shoulders

a little coffee & bagels after the earliest haircut & most amazing head massage of my life (via the beautiful nikki tiki), a stroll through the arts market, capped off with some freshly squeezed lemonade beneath the trees combine together to create the perfect Saturday afternoon! Living in Florida is lovely.

for the seminole in me...

I graduated from the incredible Florida State University three years ago. Three years.... i can hardly believe it, at times it seems like it wasn't so long ago that i was wandering along on campus unsure of where i was going, but loving the wonder of it all... it was exciting, new & fun. i miss living in Tallahassee... being swallowed up by the whole college atmosphere.... that included an amazing circle of smart, beautiful, creative, & highly stimulating as well as enjoyable individuals. I miss that the most - especially my girls, the unique close bonds i formed with different people, who i now call best friends, who are no longer a few steps or a stones throw away, & no where near my city. No more Decent Pizza, no more season tickets to FSU games, no more late night madness at the strip, or parties at thunder tharpe...

I ventured back to Tally, for the first time since graduating to find my old stompin' grounds not so different than where i had left them. Hello, nostalgia.

The beauty of the Westcott Fountain was still undeniable, & for a seminole, it's like coming home. [the sock floating in it, i can only assume was lost during sheer obliterated madness the night before... which makes me chuckle.]

While wandering the city a sea of memories flooded over me. i was reminiscing of a different time, noticing little changes & reflecting on some seriously great times. Out side of memories, there was, of course- football.

No trip to tally would be complete without some tailgating & a little NOLE football:

southern lemonade {as pictured above} got me feelin' more than a little happy :] paired with some flip cup, & the shotgunning of some brew-ha=ha's, made for an excellent pre game show. My noles were victorious, and the trip a success... i even got to taste Decent Pizza [where i used to work] once more & it was still absolutely delicious! I was pleasantly surprised to find they were still displaying my "art work" listing the beer specials as well & the freshly squeezed lemonade three years later.

i am definitely not waiting another three years before another venture there... hoping to make it out for another game this season, with some of my favorite alums

ode to mid-century housewives...

Who wish only to make the tastiest, boldest, & most desirable coffee in their cul de sac's. 
& YET, they fail....
and the only thing worse than failure itself? Verbal affirmation from their husbands that they simply suck, i mean suuuuck at being a barista.

this video with various clips from the fifties & sixties had me giggling at coffee jerks: 


Mobile blogging

oh hello, vintage button crafting to help me unwind after a lovely labor day weekend with my love..

a little trip to Tallahassee to watch my noles spear some louisiana monroe tail, with some tailgating, dining, visiting, exploring, bbq-ing, relaxing, cleaning, organizing & some much needed quality time with my family home from Scotland. I kind of hate that ill be hearing the sound of my alarm tomorrow. Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Salutations September!!

Stumbled across this today & felt compelled to share:

what a wickedly cool GIF right?

It kind of makes me want a fancy hat. Maybe that's a little absurd... Today someone couldn't believe i was older than twenty-one, i was given an aesthetically appealing (& hopefully equally enjoyable) cupcake to enjoy later, & im hoping to be able to bring my sweet parents home from the airport tonight, assuming their flights work out & they are no longer stranded in Scotland. This Thursday is officially on the up & up.