for the seminole in me...

I graduated from the incredible Florida State University three years ago. Three years.... i can hardly believe it, at times it seems like it wasn't so long ago that i was wandering along on campus unsure of where i was going, but loving the wonder of it all... it was exciting, new & fun. i miss living in Tallahassee... being swallowed up by the whole college atmosphere.... that included an amazing circle of smart, beautiful, creative, & highly stimulating as well as enjoyable individuals. I miss that the most - especially my girls, the unique close bonds i formed with different people, who i now call best friends, who are no longer a few steps or a stones throw away, & no where near my city. No more Decent Pizza, no more season tickets to FSU games, no more late night madness at the strip, or parties at thunder tharpe...

I ventured back to Tally, for the first time since graduating to find my old stompin' grounds not so different than where i had left them. Hello, nostalgia.

The beauty of the Westcott Fountain was still undeniable, & for a seminole, it's like coming home. [the sock floating in it, i can only assume was lost during sheer obliterated madness the night before... which makes me chuckle.]

While wandering the city a sea of memories flooded over me. i was reminiscing of a different time, noticing little changes & reflecting on some seriously great times. Out side of memories, there was, of course- football.

No trip to tally would be complete without some tailgating & a little NOLE football:

southern lemonade {as pictured above} got me feelin' more than a little happy :] paired with some flip cup, & the shotgunning of some brew-ha=ha's, made for an excellent pre game show. My noles were victorious, and the trip a success... i even got to taste Decent Pizza [where i used to work] once more & it was still absolutely delicious! I was pleasantly surprised to find they were still displaying my "art work" listing the beer specials as well & the freshly squeezed lemonade three years later.

i am definitely not waiting another three years before another venture there... hoping to make it out for another game this season, with some of my favorite alums

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