On being thankful

Last November i wrote about my thoughts on Thanksgiving, this year i've decided to make a little list of things i'm thankful for this extra sunny & warm November of 2011.

for growing up in an era with mixtapes, where i could play outside til the streetlights came on, & for having a brother to play nintendo with.

for being a Seminole: so proud to have a degree that took a ton of hard work & was accompanied with a whole lot of fun.

for having a gentleman who spends an ungodly amount of time in a vehicle traveling to see me. thank you satellite radio for making it a little more bearable lately.

for Miami Dolphins games on Thanksgiving with my family, even when we aren't victorious.

for Blondies, delicious homemade creations made by none other than my beautiful Scottish mother.

for the love shared between my little wiggly butt, button & myself. i mean, i pick up her fecal matter on the daily. l-o-v-e.

for having a job that i actually really enjoy, for co-workers & a boss who make me laugh five days a week.

for giggle fests with friends, who although they live hundreds of miles away are forever there for me.

for cheese. Yes, delicious cheese, & the availability of it- so that i can have some every single day. in a variety of flavors & ways.

for making it alive to 2011... i srsly can't believe i'm twenty-six & at the age where people i know are getting married & having children... on purpose. Needless to say, my mind isnt there yet.

& lastly, i am thankful for every day, the beauty & unknown of each day. I take it for granted often, too often... but, life is a beautiful thing.

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