bring it on!

On Boxing Day i ventured up to Target to purchase a new year planner i'd be eying & have since been excited and obsessed with plans for the new year!! I can't really believe we're hours away from 2012, but i am ready!

2011 was good to me, no denying that, but i'm ready for a new year - new goals, & new adventures. Still working on my list of resolutions, that's to follow but in the mean time, i just have to know :

xoxo cheers to an amazing & sparkly new year!
looking forward to my midnight kiss ♥

writing on dandelions

With this year coming to an end, i found myself reflecting on a few of my favorite memories from twenty-eleven. it's funny in some ways i feel this year blinked on by, but as i sit & dissect all the things i did this year it seems like it was definitely a full twelve months. I went through a lot of growing & changing & along with fighting my own demons & inner challenges... 2011 was kind of intense. I had my ups & downs, but i also really loved it. i'm at peace with this year. Enough to scribble some favorite memories. Hey, i did some really cool shit. I even went to two new countries. I can't complain all that much :)

But, you cant blame a girl for itching to look forward to the future! xoxo

Holly Jolly

Hoping everyone's holiday was as sweet as mine!! I was surrounded by love, delicious food, & spoiled with gifts. Four days off work, without a care & an alarm clock... ahhh-ma-zing! Not gonna lie, I was practically dying to get into all the pretty presents wrapped beneath my tree yesterday morning while my mista was laid out in dream land in my bed. Guess what!? I'm going up in a hot air balloon in a couple of weeks!! I'm beyond excited - i really can't even believe it's happening! i've wanted to since i was a little girl, lots of kisses to JKD for making my little (big) wish come true!!

hoping yours was merry & bright!

Wild Ride

It's been a little over a year since i left the mundane corporate world of banking & started working at a local recycling company known as S&S. Which means i made it just in time to celebrate the inaugural & second annual wild Christmas party:

short dresses, strong cocktails, a ridiculously awesome party bus, sensationally seasoned food, shots, dancing, solid company, VIP, bottles poppin & incase you're wondering just what this all results in? ...a highly intoxicated blend of people, & a couple girls who think riding a mechanical bull is a genius idea (myself included), a little madness & a lot of fun!

i am so thankful to be part of such an amazing crew.



I was born one warm Wednesday in Virginia, & though i only lived there for six short months of my new life before moving home to Florida, i hold VA very close to my heart. My father was born & raised there, he grew up the son of a farmhouse man & wife with his four siblings. He joined the Navy & left town, thus resulting in his brief relocation to Scotland where he met my mother. See: love, marriage, children.

My brother & i loved going up to Virginia to visit Grandma & Grandpa's house. Life there was so vastly different to what we were used to in whichever corner of Florida we were currently situated, & it was incredible. Acres & acres of farm to explore, homemade breakfasts ready at the crack of dawn, Farm animals to play with that i just adored (Ringo, Boots, Boo-Boo), fireflies to catch at night & just being around our Grandparents... we loved it. My Grandpa would take us out to explore the fields, sit on his tractor & tell us stories, my Grandma would load us into her sharny green sedan & shuffle us over to her friends houses or the store. We adored it all. My only snow day was held in their front lawn- snowball fights, a snowman, it was completely legit and magical, especially for a couple of elementary school children from Key West, Florida.

& oh how i loved catching fireflies in Grandma's mason jars, I never see them in Florida & it was so exciting to capture those little lightning bugs. Every time i hear Copeland's Brightest Little Firefly it always brings me back.

Recently, i made the reminiscent ten hour drive from Florida up to Virginia with my folks. Only it wasn't a venture with a cheerful, exciting tone. My grandfather is dying. It breaks my heart to even write those words out. My parents, my brother & i were heading up to say goodbye to my now, frail & very ill grandpa. Words cannot even express the intense sadness that derives from seeing him so helpless and weak, or from watching as my sweet Grandma clutches his hand into hers by his bedside like she does everyday... hoping for a response.

I know that every life eventually comes to an end, but this was the first time i've felt so close to it. It was a very emotional trip, but i am beyond happy & endlessly grateful for the opportunity to see him alive again, an opportunity to tell him i love him, that most do not get. On the last day i visited him, he was awake, & he looked into my eyes, and gave me his cheek to kiss. I did & told him i loved him. It was the first time i felt he knew what was going on, sure it was something small, but something that touched me, that i know i will never forget.

nerding out

Ten hours in the backseat makes for some serious phone activity. Lets just say I'm more than a little acquainted with my Sammy Samsung at this point. Oh hello, new background, new font settings, serial texting, troubling tetris, words with friends, etc. I've discovered something new in the android market & i'm intrigued...

As if blogging, tweeting, facebooking, & pinning weren't enough... I've also created a Path.

Three cheers for excessive nerding out via social media!

its the most wonderful time of the year...

2011 has been flying by (like a G6?!) & i can hardly believe it will soon be the new year!! December, you've arrived. Hello, hello there! Not gonna lie, I've tried desperately to embrace the holiday season by decorating my baby penthouse whilst channeling Martha Stewart. Whats a girl to do with no snow in sunny Florida? Well, purchasing a bright white Christmas tree & endlessly spinning my snow globe has seemed to ease the pain while i pretend that i'm not really wearing a tank top dress & sandals today... & that secretly, its a white Christmas all up in here!

My tree was naked for about a week with it's blinding bright white lights beaming... i kind of enjoyed the simplicity of it, but gave in & hung up all my ornaments this weekend. I love it even more now. I splurged on some stockings & stocking holders also this weekend, & stitched a variety of buttons on Button's stocking. Yes, my weenie dog not only has a stocking, but also a classy stocking holder. My mista may or may not be a little envious that my dog gets a custom stocking, while he gets store bought. What can i say? She's my little girl.

I've even been baking. Clearly, i'm definitely channeling Martha. I've got a few more crafty projects in store (completing my yarn wreath & painting a few ornaments & maybe a mini canvas) & my x-mas decor will be complete! Now it's on to the shopping.... i'm anticipating a lot of online shopping in the near future... i cant handle the claustrophobia in shops this time of year.


melodic mondaze

i've owned three Christmas albums in my lifetime. The first being Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas, circa 1994. It was coincidentally the first compact disc i owned. It's still amazing, in fact i listened to it yesterday, resulting in a tweet to Nick Cannon to let him know how lucky he is to get to hear his awesome wife sing carols live this time of year... for me it's a classic that i just love listening to, BUT, i'm getting off track. The second being *NSYNC - Home for Christmas circa 1998... equally awesome Christmas album, not that i'm bias due to a slight obsession with them once upon a time.

SO! It's been over a decade since i broke down & picked up a Christmas album, & a couple weeks ago i simply could not resist & have fallen in love with this golden gem:

Is it possible for me to have an even bigger girl crush on Zooey Deschanel? Cause I do, big time. Her voice has this nostalgic twang, & she absolutely nails these songs from the fifties. I can't help but love the creativity & quirkiness she puts into everything she does. Props to M. Ward too!! They work great together!

she&himxmas by erin jessie on Grooveshark

This album is just beautiful, & spreads so much holiday cheer! It literally makes my heart wish Florida had snowflakes.