writing on dandelions

With this year coming to an end, i found myself reflecting on a few of my favorite memories from twenty-eleven. it's funny in some ways i feel this year blinked on by, but as i sit & dissect all the things i did this year it seems like it was definitely a full twelve months. I went through a lot of growing & changing & along with fighting my own demons & inner challenges... 2011 was kind of intense. I had my ups & downs, but i also really loved it. i'm at peace with this year. Enough to scribble some favorite memories. Hey, i did some really cool shit. I even went to two new countries. I can't complain all that much :)

But, you cant blame a girl for itching to look forward to the future! xoxo

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  1. good times were had in 2011, but now it is a new year and i can't help but think it is going to be EVEN BETTA! i miss you and hope we can plan a rendezvous for us in the NEAR future!


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