evening giggles

found myself giggling quietly to myself on my smart phone as my mista lay next to me quietly snoring on the couch.  I was doing some serious perusing on pinterest, as well as instagram & eventually found myself listening & laughing to this ridiculous video about what i'm convinced to be:

the greatest app ever created.

melodic mondaze

books + music = love.

a few years back i borrowed a friend's copy of The Perks of being a Wallflower, it's a great coming-of-age book about a budding writer.. & i happen to really swoon after a good coming-of-age story.  Last August i added  "read more books" to a personal goal list of mine & recently found myself thinking of Charlie, the protagonist. I took a trip to the bookstore to pick up my own copy & i'm so glad i did - it's such a good, read.

It went to film & i'll obviously i enjoyed the book much better than the movie - but the soundtrack is pretty legit.

melodic mondaze

major kudos to a fella who created an entire EP as a one-man project via a Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend. how equally adorable & astounding is that? Chunk of Change, circulated among friends & acquaintances & eventually exploded into a five-piece band that got the attention of Death Cab for Cutie - who invited them to tour. Epic right?

i had no idea the blissfully catchy melodies derived from such sweet humble beginnings until i decided to feature an already popular Passion Pit today on MM.... mainly because i can't get their latest single out my head. Deja entendu to 'Sleepy Head' which had me dancing my ass off in oh-eight @ TSI. Now i'm officially teenage girl swooning over Michael Angelakos, the brainchild of Passion Pit.

Passion Pit which formed in Boston, dropped their first full length Manners in 2009 & their latest - Gossamer released this year in late July. it's fantastic, their sound is like tiny explosions of electronic blooms... feathering harmonic melodies & dancing vocals. That explanation sounds strangely vague, but it makes sense to me.

to my momma bear,

happy birthday to the sweetest lady i know!! I'm lucky enough to call you mom & also a best friend. i owe so much to you, words cannot begin to express.

thank you for always supporting me in everything! For always answering the phone everyday & making me laugh, taking care of my four legged babies, for endless advice with all my life's drama over the years to simple questions about laundry issues, cooking problems, & what to use to get a stain out of anything (how do you do that!?)... i turn to you with almost every question i have.

you're amazing - thanks for teaching me the important things in life, making me feel good about myself, spending time with me & helping me not take anything too seriously... thanks for always making us amazing home cooked meals, keeping a nice home & taking care of us, being our taxi driver, giving me an older brother, lots of weenie dogs & bringing so much love & laughter into my life.

i love you so much!

Project Dollhouse: a new feature

We've been going renoCRAZY & i've decided to embark on a new blog feature showcasing our labor of love... a la 'Project Dollhouse'

it's been two months since we got they keys to the joint & today marks the one month anniversary of us living in the dollhouse! let me just say its been exhausting, exciting & overwhelming all at the same time. Below are some sneak peaks into the dollhouse....

I'm elated to be entering into the decor phase after so much energy in fixing up, replacing, painting, & restoring. How pretty is our new dark flooring!? i love it. it's high gloss & modern, yet completely vibes with my mid-century style. the mista & my daddy-o labored hard on it!!

Today we said a final goodbye to cement floor downstairs & hello to a lovely new texture in our eat-in kitchen & half bath:

more pics of this space to come once our trim is installed & the floor is sparkling clean! it was literally completed just hours ago. i had initially hoped to have cork flooring here, but after it was placed on back order for a second time, right before my order was intended to ship, & thus delaying it another month - i decided the universe was telling me to go in a different direction. SO i perused some gray porcelain 20X20 tiles & boom! a new happy floor for our feet!

my new favorite room in the dollhouse is coming along swimmingly. our blueprints referred to this room off the entry as the 'sitting room' i'm renaming it the lounge. it was once filled with tile, that was laid poorly & crooked enough to make me question whether the tile was off or the walls.... so happy that's gone. & the walls were a bleak beige hue, & seem much happier coated in 'Indian Ocean' by Behr.

This is the room we spin records in.

i'm storing all our records in my darling yellow antique piece i refinished last year. they fit perfectly inside the doors & outside, & i couldn't be happier with it.

i'm prety well convinced i will be spending massive amounts of time listenin to vinyl, dancing & hanging out, reading, blogging & thinking in this space. i love it. i'm so excited to get my books on the shelves, art on the wall & a rug to finish it off.

of course, my to do list for project dollhouse is endless... but, we'll get there. & i'll be sharing along the way!

2wenty se7en

well, internet travelers, it's official... i am another year older. & maybe a little wiser too. last year i wrote a list of twenty-seven things i hoped to accomplish before the illusive two-seven rolled around. I successfully marked fifteen things off, & i'm actually proud of myself for that.... i guess that's because so often i start things & rarely finish, so i'm naturally impressed with myself for completing a solid chunk of those little goals. hey erin, way to go! (wiser erin talks in third person? ...perhaps.)
I mean since the last August 14th i did get engaged, welcomed another weenie baby into our family, & purchased our very first home - twenty-six was met with some serious milestones. i floated in a beautiful giant hot air balloon, one of my best friends got married & i said goodbye to an wonderful sweet man named Grandpa... that was rough.

i'm having a love/hate relationship with twenty-seven so far. i kind of hate getting older, but at the same time i'm happy here. i'll be twenty-seven when my last name becomes my mista's, & that's pretty amazing.

melodic mondaze

hello there Mississippi indie rocker boys... name a song "Buttons" & i'm instantly intrigued. Add guitar, bass, drums, gripping vocals & i'm sold, sold, sold. New favorite band Pandora led me to. i can't give the capital P enough X & O's.

My mista says they're tone deaf... i say he's crazy. been sayin it since day one... i'm down for the weeks.

new beginnings

oh hello crazy town. moving madness continues tomorrow as i/we continue to box up this baby penthouse & carry the boxes downstairs & into our very first home. Happy home-ownership to us! The dollhouse is coming along, we definitely bit off A LOT of projects at once, so it's becoming quite daunting. i'd be lying if i said i haven't broke down into tears filled with stress yet.

oh hey Zooey.... so happy you can relate.

Just a taste of what we're tackling @ our dollhouse:
  • removed the popcorn ceiling from 2000sq ft & had knockdown texture installed. (we happily & thankfully paid a company to do this)
  • completely removed all of the flooring from the 1st floor - tile & laminate. we're planning to lay cork flooring & dark high gloss laminate.
  • painted the entire outside (a lovely pale yellow hue) + bright white trim 
  • removed carpet from our guest room & installed laminate (reused from downstairs)
  • gutted all of our closets, removing old shelving/installing new & painting walls
  • switching all electrical outlets & light switches to rocker
  • replacing every. single. light fixture & ceiling fan. 
  • painting every wall. & can i just say, i'm in love with our color palette, even though it took a while to get there... i went a little paint chip & paint sample crazy. 
  • gutted our half bath downstairs, installing new floor, sink vanity & loo. 
  • speaking of loo's, we're installing two new ones upstairs too
  • painted our tired red brick fireplace bright white - this was one of my favorite tasks
  • demolishing a utility room taking up half of our 2-car garage, thus allowing for a garage that can host 2 cars.   
i absolutely cannot wait to open my eyes in that house & see it looking how i envision it. However, in the mean time i'm trying to be reasonable & understand that frankly, we're just going to have to live with boxes on boxes & a cement floor for a little while til we can transform our new home.

this girl is burnt out already on reno projects, it's completely taken over our lives!!  My family has been completely amazing, working there asses off right along with us, & i'm thankful for our beautiful mess.

Cheers to the next chapter! Later 13-304.

blogging hiatus: June

Oh June, a fantastic month because we got our dollhouse! ♥ more loads on that in the near future!

also, some time in the sun, oh hello summer! Button & Doogle went to the beach together, for Doog's first time meeting the ocean - & he charged right in to the Atlantic. adorable! I seriously fall more in love with that little guy every single day, & i think Button does too. He's the perfect addition to our little circle.

& Lots of renovation projects & planning came into the works in June, including paint! I waited in line for about two hours to meet a southern rock legend, named Gregg Allman & get his signature on his autobiography. I also got to celebrate the month a little sunflower was born before June turned into July....much needed. Even got to have a wine slumber party with three of my girls i routinely spent the night with in high school, flashbacks in a really good way. Summer has been kind so far.

blogging hiatus: May

hello! i ventured away from blogging for two whole months for no particular reason. This is me catching up on the best parts of May...

first & foremost one of my very best friends & old roomie got married on cinco de mayo! I wouldn't have missed it for anything & drove down south with a special gift i made for the bride to be, her very own garter for the big day! She surprised when their engagement party turned into an official wedding ceremony. She was lovely, & it was so sweet how they wrote their own vows & it brought tears to my eyes!

the mista & i ventured to Delray Beach for a little hang time with JT$ & Simon... wandering, hot tubs & hotel rooms. An interesting spanish man even drew me, unbeknownst to me while we sat at a restaurant for lunch. i kept his profile portrait as a memento. kind of strangely awesome.

we also spontaneously drove to Orlando mid-week to catch Thrice on their farewell tour, & it was seriously pretty awesome. Last time i saw them @ House of Blues they were clearly tore up & awesome is definitely not an adjective i would have used to describe their opening performance for Brand New. They completely made up for it that night, nailing songs from all their albums. I can't believe their long stint of touring has come to an end, but it was so dope to see them on stage again.

my boo (closet redneck) fiancé & i went road trippin up to NC for Memorial Day Weekend to meet my cousin, Aunt, strangers & NASCAR enthusiasts to do a little partyin, race style in Charlotte.

& the little things via Instagram :

melodic mondaze

i fell a little in love with Rogue Wave when i heard their song 'Eyes' (six!!) years ago. I kind of forgot about them. I had an ugly day today, it wasn't terrible or anything - just an off day that left me aching for a glass of wine, comfy pants & the inside of my baby penthouse. It was one of those Mondays that just start all wrong... where i'm rushing in the shower counting the minutes i have til i have to dart out the door. Actually, that's most weekday mornings, but i really hate the ones where i've been awake a mere twenty minutes before i have to go. Usually i get over it once i'm sitting at my desk, but my case of the mondays lasted for ten hours. Brutal. Tuesday please be kind to me..

I found an acoustic performance online today of rogue wave's 'Good Morning'. I like it better than the original version of the song. I'm putting it into the universe... tomorrow i'm having a good morning.

our little love story.

I remember the first time i laid eyes on him. I can close my eyes & see it like it was yesterday... Jake Dolan strolling into my work in a sharp suit, catching me off guard & drawing me in instantly. At the time we were both working for a (giant, nationwide) bank.  I was a teller, & he was a manager recently relocated to North Florida from South Florida. He stopped me in my tracks. "Who was this guy!?" I pondered. I can't explain it, but i didn't even hesitate as i  immediately walked up to him, catching a quick glimpse at his name tag, & beginning "Hi, Jake Dolan!" I probed him asking "Whats your deal?" Perplexed where this handsome fella had came from, & intrigued by his answers. Hanging on every word, I was excited in those fleeting moments & happily, per the instruction of my manager, introduced him to everyone in our branch. He was delightful, curious, & charming. My co-worker quickly let me know (as if i had't noticed) how cute he was, & was convinced "he was checking me out".

For weeks i would catch myself wondering silently to myself if/when he would stroll back through my branch. I really didn't know much at all about him, but i knew there was just something about there. When i caught him in the parking lot one afternoon on my way out for lunch, i delighted in shouting

"Hi, Jake Dolan!"

once more through the passenger window of my beetle as i sped away. I immediately determined that i really adored his name, & concluded that simply calling him by his first name just wouldn't do. He was adorable, & it automatically made my average afternoon a wonderful one knowing, he would most likely be inside my bank when i returned. He was, & our friendly flirtatious exchanges continued.

Weeks and months passed, I interviewed for a higher position at another branch & was shocked to see him waiting for me to arrive.  He sat in on the interview, & i presumed i had it in the bag. In fact, i didn't. One morning while browsing through my work e-mails i was surprised to see a note (the first) from him, with his number & a request to call him. My mind wandered about what this could be about, we had never talked on the phone before, &  naturally curiosity & intrigue for the handsome gentleman got the best of me & so i rang.

I paced around the backyard listening to him explain to me that the nature of this phone call was to let me know that he had been wanting to talk to me for some time.  He explained his sorrow that I was not granted the promotion & was determined to make me aware that if it were up to him i would have the job.  Upon our conversation ending a flurry of text messages we're exchanged. He boldly mentioned that he would love to take me out to dinner, & went on to explain an instant attraction & intrigue with me...  that he had attempted to find me on facebook, as well as myspace to no avail after our magnetic first meeting.

I accepted his dinner offer, & so we met for our first date. I wore an ivory dress with lace, turquoise heels & butterflies lined my stomach. As we walked towards the restaurant, he turned to me confidently & declared "I'm going to marry you." It made me smile, but in truth, i was thinking - is this guy crazy or what?? We hadn't even kissed, held hands, or even shared a meal together!! & then the cliched sparks flew & we had the most incredible first date. Flowing conversation, lots of laughter, smiling, & eye gazing. I was so giddy, i think the food was delicious, but in truth, i was so stimulated with the person i was sharing the evening with.... it could have been terrible. I started to wonder if love at first sight existed, & that if everything i thought about love was something else entirely. Being together with him felt pure, unique & absolutely perfect in it's own way.

We simply could not get enough of each other after that night & spent hours every day chatting with each other. Literally, hours. It was as if it was a race to absorb the greatest amount of information we could about one another. I could open up to him about anything, & found myself really falling for him. We tried new things together, & for the first time for both of us: aired all of our secrets with another human being. It was freeing to be with someone, who accepted me for everything i am, & for everything i'm not.  We went on a long walk one afternoon & we're met with rain, we let it fall all around us while we held hands, & he confessed to me that, he was in love with me. I felt it too. It was undeniable & incredible.
It's the greatest high.
Young & in love. 

We met each others families, & everything seemed to just fall into place in it's own perfectly imperfect way.  I was instantly fond of his family. as was he with mine. My weenie dog, Button, adored him. Even my older brother, who has typically, been displeased with every. single. guy. i've ever dated, really, really liked him. Our worlds began to merge, it made sense, i listened to my heart because everything felt completely natural & wonderful with him. Soon we vacationed together, cooked together, strolled parks, music venues, & towns, we zip-lined, danced, shopped, picnic-ed & sometimes hid from the rest of the world together. We still like to do all those things.

He told me he wanted to make my dreams come true.  

He continues to.

One early morning, on December twenty-fifth, also known as Christmas... he surprised me by my white tree, claiming he would be taking me hot air ballooning as a Christmas gift.  I was in disbelief. You see, when i was just five years old, my parents took me to a festival in Alabama where i first laid eyes on a hot air balloon.  I was instantly captivated by the giant balloons & spent twenty-one years dreaming of floating in one.  He made that a reality January 22, 2012. A sunrise flight just the two of us escorted by our pilot Jeff. It was whimsical, breath-taking, exhilarating & absolutely beautiful. Words cannot accurately express how much it meant to me. Nothing can do it justice. I say it all the time, but, hands down....  it was, the best day ever. Greatest sunrise & view of my life, & i wouldn't have wanted to share it with anyone else. Even if he was looking....a little terrified, grasping tightly to side of the wicker basket, holding on for dear life.

When we landed, he hopped out of our basket to grab something, as i stood there a little confused. He came over to me with a picnic basket, & led me over to a field. He smiled at me & began telling me that he planned a breakfast picnic for us. I thought that was so incredibly sweet, as he placed the basket onto the ground & asked me to open it with this look. I knelt down, turning the latch to open the basket & i heard a tiny squeak. I quickly turned to Jake, peeked inside to discover a tiny miniature long hair dachshund. I immediately gasped at his cuteness! This time when i looked over at Jake Dolan he was kneeling down on one knee & began pouring his heart to me & asked if i would to spend the rest of my life with him.   My eyes welled with tears, completely shocked & it was then i noticed the sparkling ring on the collar of the little puppy. It's the most beautifully unique & dazzling ring i've ever seen. It felt so surreal. He asked if they could be my family, & while smiling began,

"Will you spend your forever with me?"

Could he be more adorable? I replied, "Are you serious?"
& with tears welling up in my blue eyes along with a big smile, i exclaimed "of course!"

He stole my heart, I'm stealing his last name 
& we're dreaming up our forever together. 

Some time in the Spring of twenty-thirteen we'll make it official ♥ 
& i feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

fight off your demons

When I was in high school i met a guy with one of those personalities that just attracts people. He was a big guy, with a big personality. He would go to football games, with his shirt off, showing off his school spirit - his skin draped in bright blue & white paint. Everyone loved it & he was a riot.

I got to know him a little more as the years passed, we shared many mutual friends. He played music, went to the same rock shows as me, & we kept in touch through the powers of the fabulous internet, occasionally stumbling into one another. I barely recognized him when i saw him a couple years ago & he was half the size he was in high school & an avid cyclist. He even opened up to me about his struggles with depression & his bipolar disorder.

He had demons, like we all do. Only his got the better of him & 
yesterday, he tragically took his own life.

I can't imagine what he must have been dealing with to bring himself to that boiling point & my heart absolutely aches for his family, & his close friends who have loved him & stood by him through his trials & tribulations over the years. I can only hope that he is at peace now.

I wondered this morning, as i noted the many mentions of him, adding up on my facebook news feed.... if he knew how many people were touched by him & saddened to learn of his tragic ending. i know i was.

instagram awe

holy moly! For over a year (late twenty-ten to be exact) i've been green with envy for every individual with an iPhone simply for having the capability of having the instagram app. Every so often i would sadly google 'instagram for android' or search for it in the android market/google play only to be left with an inevitable sad face. today i'm gleaming!

Instagram is finally available for android users on google play!!
After getting over the initial heart break of learning another broad has my ideal username: 'erinjessie' i settled with helloerinjessie. Yes, i figure i'll let it go & be satisfied that i at least beat her to twitter & facebook URL with it. lets just say, she had an unfair advantage & a solid name.


I'm a newb but, i'd love for you to follow my adventures @ helloerinjessie

melodic mondaze

The latest album from The Shins dropped six days ago! Have you heard it yet?? It's pure Shins awesomeness & at times it's even reminiscent of The Cure. Double cool points? I'm dishing them out. I made a playlist of Port of Morrow in it's exact format: have a listen.

A novel idea


My little ones do not have ten fingers & toes, instead they have four short little leggies & look like long, lean & furry little weenies. I like them better than most people. Ruin them like they are spoiled children, & give them excessive amounts of kisses & love. These are some shots of Button & Doogle lounging/playing in their most favorite backyard.... Nana & Poppa's. Yes, my parents have named themselves that for their "granddoggies". srsly.