melodic mondaze

One of my absolute favorite bands, The Fray announced last week they are coming to Sunny Florida this Spring! I'm absolutely ecstatic! I've been dying to see them live for years.

Their new album, Scars & Stories, drops a week from tomorrow.... & i'd be lying if i said i wasn't insanely excited for that. Below is the video for Heartbeat ♥

incredibly catchy & beautiful. i kind of love it. a lot.

ello teenie weenie.

meet the newest member of my family...

Button now has a little three.four pound little brother. He is an absolute doll! It was love at first sight for me, but he is quite the little terror. At the moment she has a love/hate relationship with him. Which is pretty normal & to be expected since she really isn't too fond of the notion of sharing my love, i mean i do spoil her excessively. That being said, she is having so much fun chasing & playing with her new little bro.

& of course i adore him, how could you not love this little face!?

floating with my love four thousand feet UP

This morning my mista & I ventured into a tiny wicker basket into the sky, over the tree tops to see the most beautiful sunrise of my life. It was a dream come true & absolutely incredible.

In a word:

Today was the most perfect day ever &

Me & Mista Dolski are getting married!!

dont let the internet die, american pie.

Being the internet nerd that i am, i'm obviously very anti SOPA & PIPA, something i've already made clear here on my blog.

So, i was more than a little excited to see this gentleman's protest video (channeling don mclean) going viral yesterday. creative activists are pretty rad, just sayin.

dream countdown

i can hardly believe in three days i will be going up in a hot air balloon!!

i'm so giddy with excitement, its surreal... is this really happening?? Hello, mountainous & lake filled Georgia, i cannot wait to see you from a few thousand (!!) feet up in the air. I plan on taking an abundance of photographs to forever capture the memories of that sunrise ride. & until then i am just dreaming about what it's going to be like

melodic mondaze (for the dr.)

So, I've mentioned before that i love Martin Luther King Jr. He was a brilliant man, who stood up for what he believed & fought for human rights. I dig that. In fact, I listened to his full 'I have a dream' speech this morning at work, & it was so touching, i still remember the first time i heard it when i was in elementary school. He was such an eloquent & powerful speaker, it's no wonder that after 49 years his monumental speech... we are still listening & quoting his thought provoking dreams.

I've got to give props to a man that is so loved, there are over 730 streets named after him & he has his own national holiday. Pretty impressive, MLK.

xoxo Dr. King. I made this melodic mondaze playlist for you: rad songs from 1963, the year you gave that incredible speech at Lincoln memorial.

1963 by erin jessie on Grooveshark

very superstitious, writings on the wall!

I can't quite grasp the fear that lies within certain individuals every time the 13th day of the month lands on a Friday. I like it, for some silly reason (too many horror movies growing up, perhaps?) it has the inverse effect on me, it excites me. I secretly love hearing people freak out --- oooooh be extra careful today.. & "ohhh no, its another Friday the 13th!"

did you know there is a legitimate classified phobia of it? It's known as friggatriskaidekaphobia. seriously. i'm not even making this up. "According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the U.S. are affected by a fear of this day. Making it the most feared day and date in history." What's so interesting is because so many people are paralyzed by fear of even getting out of their beds or going out, catching planes, etc.... there are less crimes, less accidents, & an overall wonderful day left for people like me.

so happy friday the thirteenth! hopes yours is absolutely glorious!


wishing on virtual dandelions tonight.

wish you were here, wish you were near... wish i could wrap my head around all this.

giggle box

It dawned on me earlier this week, after being scolded by a co-worker for not informing them about a certain hilarious blog... that i should share a link to something quite entertaining, here on this little blog of mine.

Once upon a youtube gem lived a quirky talented white boy pancake rapper...

seems ridiculous enough right? well, he happens to have a seventeen year old gentleman named Bennett as a cousin. Bennett's vernacular, grammar, spelling skills, & all around thoughts are completely hilariously & absolutely ludicrous. lucky for us he shares them with the world wide web.

Read more texts from bennett... if you arent easily offended, it's quite entertaining & produces some serious giggles. just sayin.

melodic mondaze

Last week iTunes was kind enough to offer up a brilliant single titled "Little Talks" [for FREE!] by the band Of Monsters & Men. i enjoyed it so much i started listening to it on repeat, & when i found myself still playing it at work the next day in my office.... i had to hear more. here lies the beauty within an Icelandic six piece band:

of m by erin jessie on Grooveshark

on heartbreak

Today i felt the weight of the world tumble onto my shoulders as i received a call informing me that my sweet Grandfather had passed away. I knew it was coming, he has been very ill, mentally & physically for some time, but it still threw me. he's gone, really gone.

I've only felt the pain of death once before in my life, it was the early nineties when my great Granny Smith died. Yes, like the apple, only she was sweeter. She was a wonderful, loving woman. Yet, I was so young that i really couldn't quite grasp it all... death. I cried, knowing i would never see her again. I was genuinely sad. i remember sitting there timidly in my red, blue, and gold dress clenching my mom's hand as tears rolled down her face at her service. I think that upset me more than anything, knowing how hurt my mom was losing her grandmother. That was so long ago. i didn't even attend the burial service because the family thought my brother & I were too young, now I'm older but still feeling like a sad little terrified girl. I'm not ready to see him like that.... I've gone twenty-six years & havenever seen a dead body. Can't believe ill be seeing my grandfather first.

A few weeks ago i went to Virginia with my family to see my Grandpa. It was terrible, seeing him laying there pale, and frail, with looks of confusion clouding his eyes. That's hardly the man i knew as Grandpa. He was strong, with a deep tan, that came from many hours spent outside working. He built everything he had with his own blood, sweat & strength. He grew up a country boy, stole a beautiful woman's heart when she was just a teenager, married her & built (literally built) a home for them & the five children they would have together. I have only pleasant, very happy memories of him. He was such a loving man.

Today the world we lost a wonderful man. Rest in peace grandpa, I love you.

Making you aware

oh, hello there my fellow Americans. Are you aware there is bill that is proposing censorship of our world wide web?? Protect IP is a bill that has been introduced in the Senate, as well as the House and is moving quickly through Congress. It gives the government and corporations the ability to censor the net, in the name of protecting "creativity". When is all actually, it's creativity that it hinders....

Watch this brief, informative video to learn more:

So what can you do? SAVE THE INTERNET! Get involved, & stop censorship by our US government before it's too late... Please, if you haven't already, watch this video to educate yourself on whats happening & DO SOMETHING! This will NOT just affect the guy obsessively downloading music & movies... If this bill is passed it will cripple the spreading of information & art online. Self expression will be censored! This could mean the end of youtube, facebook, tumblr, soundcloud, twitter, pinterest etc. Our beloved internet will forever be changed to appease the greed of others. As a blogger, music enthusiast, & social network lover, i personally, HAVE to say something. I've officially signed the petition, wrote my two cents to congress, & i'm hoping you will too...

Please, please follow the link to fight for the future.

Do you want to be censored?

melodic mondaze

Currently obsessing over The Black Keys latest (seventh) album "El Camino". I've been streaming it for a couple weeks, until i broke down & purchased it today because it's srsly that good. Thus commencing El Camino Repeat Party.

It's heavily influenced by popular stlyings from the fifties to seventies... which is perhaps why i am enjoying it so much, since i am rather partial to the rock & roll and blues of those eras. Definitely my favorite album right now, i strongly suggest you check it out!

el camino by erin jessie on Grooveshark

i kind of love their album cover

Instead of featuring an actual Chevy El Camino whip, they went with a Chrysler Town & Country beater van, because they're awesome & used to tour in one back in the day. The back story behind this particular van is kind of a gem... Apparently, in October the duo placed a classified ad in an Akron, Ohio based paper featuring a photo of the van, & listing it as a 1994 El Camino for sale. The ad continued:
"Priced to sell -
Grab the Keys and go!
Contact Pat or Dan at
(330) 510-1206"

The phone number led callers to a recording where each was asked to leave a sweet message. Thus resulting in one gem of a faux used car spoof commerical & website.

Check out the full details of the "el camino" on i especially like the mention of the metal flake/woodie panels.

The Black Keys are brilliant. In case, you didn't know.

So this is the new year...

Hope everyone had an amazing NYE!! Mine was pretty low-key, no sparkly dresses or crazy club scenes this year, instead i was surrounded with LOVE; Laughing & playing games with a handful of people i really care about. The mista & i capped off our evening with a two-point-two mile drunken stroll home & i fell even more in love with my new BCBG leather boots. Those things look & feel amazing. I felt like i was walking in birkenstocks on top of clouds, ok maybe that's a stretch, but unfortunately, i cannot confirm nor deny that these thoughts may have stemmed from an altered state of mind...

Either way i truly enjoyed our little love walk to start out the new year. Here we go again!

Oh & tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of my first short & sweet post here on Dreaming Dandelion - you can read it here.

Best line: "such great hopes for the new year. twenty-ten !! here's to it being absolutely glorious- after all, we may all be turned into tiny dust particles come twenty-twelve. scary? i just hope if that's the case, my dust particles gleam."

i'm still standing by that & hopin to gleam.