melodic mondaze (for the dr.)

So, I've mentioned before that i love Martin Luther King Jr. He was a brilliant man, who stood up for what he believed & fought for human rights. I dig that. In fact, I listened to his full 'I have a dream' speech this morning at work, & it was so touching, i still remember the first time i heard it when i was in elementary school. He was such an eloquent & powerful speaker, it's no wonder that after 49 years his monumental speech... we are still listening & quoting his thought provoking dreams.

I've got to give props to a man that is so loved, there are over 730 streets named after him & he has his own national holiday. Pretty impressive, MLK.

xoxo Dr. King. I made this melodic mondaze playlist for you: rad songs from 1963, the year you gave that incredible speech at Lincoln memorial.

1963 by erin jessie on Grooveshark

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