So this is the new year...

Hope everyone had an amazing NYE!! Mine was pretty low-key, no sparkly dresses or crazy club scenes this year, instead i was surrounded with LOVE; Laughing & playing games with a handful of people i really care about. The mista & i capped off our evening with a two-point-two mile drunken stroll home & i fell even more in love with my new BCBG leather boots. Those things look & feel amazing. I felt like i was walking in birkenstocks on top of clouds, ok maybe that's a stretch, but unfortunately, i cannot confirm nor deny that these thoughts may have stemmed from an altered state of mind...

Either way i truly enjoyed our little love walk to start out the new year. Here we go again!

Oh & tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of my first short & sweet post here on Dreaming Dandelion - you can read it here.

Best line: "such great hopes for the new year. twenty-ten !! here's to it being absolutely glorious- after all, we may all be turned into tiny dust particles come twenty-twelve. scary? i just hope if that's the case, my dust particles gleam."

i'm still standing by that & hopin to gleam.


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  1. i love these goals and i love even more that your firs listed is take more pics. :)
    2012 is going to be amaziing!
    i have a lot of similar goals myself.
    love you.


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