leap love

I think my new exercise routine has already sprouted all sorts of new energy for me!! This morning i was up at FIVE AM. Yes, five.  I normally get up about two+ hours later, & you know what i feel absolutely great today! ♥

i love leap years, love, love, love them! I guess its just the spark of having an extra day in the year. The sweetness of it only occurring every four years makes it extra special. So, make the most of it world. That's what i'm tryin to do.

I started my sweet leap day early by brewing coffee & listening to some vinyl records.

James Taylor & Seattles Best is an amazing way to start your day. just sayin.

bettering myself.

At the start of the year i made a list of goals to work on as the days progress, to better myself & also for general enjoyment. So far i've done a pretty solid job striking a few goals off in addition to working regularly on others (trying new recipes, painting, blogging more) but, i've got an urge to do more, specially working to better myself physically & mentally.

Confession: i love making lists, & filling notebooks & my planner with ideas & daily goals, sometimes a lot of the time these ideas never leave the paper. I've noticed myself feeling a little more tired in the evenings, & after working all day & then cooking/tidying up at home i don't much feel like doing anything on those list. Instead i give into snuggling on the couch with my darling & our little weenie babies, to watch Netflix & veg-out. It's kind of one of my most favorite things ever.

Truth: Sometimes that perpetuates feelings of slight worthlessness, i start to tell myself i'm lazy (though i know i'm really not) but, that i should be doing more in my free time. I obsess over my body image from time to time & currently i'm in one of those phases at the moment.... just not feeling too hot about my appearance.

SO i'm officially taking charge to make myself feel beautiful inside & out! Here's how:

Create a weekly exercise routine. In truth, i'm starting out slow, doing squats, lunges, sit-ups & thirty minutes on the elliptical 5-6 days a week. It's not an insane amount of exercising, but for a girl who doesn't get much - i've already been getting endorphin highs! i'm hoping this will give me the effects i'm looking for to tighten up a bit.

Blog more. for me, blogging functions as a creative outlet. i've been penning my thoughts since i was a little girl in diaries & on the internet since i was fifteen. (holy eleven years!) to put it simply. it brings a little joy into my life.

Wake up early with my mista & brew coffee. Most mornings, the boo gets up long before me, sometimes he even sneaks out without me even noticing... i kind of hate it. in attempts to be up earlier & spend more quality time with him i'm going to try (see, i'm really not a morning person) & get out of bed early.

Create a daily to-do list & stay on top of it. Every day i write notes in my planner, songs i've heard that i love & remind myself to listen to, ideas for future blog posts, bill payments, my work hours, chores, plans etc. it helps me feel organized & get things accomplished.

Create thirty day challenges. It's small & a month flys in, i like to do little thirty day mini challenges, reward myself & see if & how far i want to take them. Right now trying to eat healthier (see: body insecurities) & am in the middle of my no soda thirty day challenge. & i'll probably reward myself with a mexican coca-cola.

Take time to read books.
This is one i've seriously been slippin on, a few months ago i bought three new books, i got half way through one of them before i put it down. Perhaps starting off with a depressing, sick & twisted non-fiction wasn't the best start to kicking off reading again? Ill try again, cause books are filled with wisdom, they let your imagination run wild & plus it's help one's vocab/vernacular grow. i'm always down for that.

it''s all about the baby steps.
Isn't this Ghandi motivational print by francesca rad? you can even DL a free 11 x 17 poster from her site to print & hang.

melodic mondaze

One of my favorite bands, The Shins has a quirky new video to accompany their latest single. I'm pretty jazzed up about it & if you follow the link to the shins official (RAD) website here you can download your very own copy of the"Simple Song" video.

Port of Morrow drops in a few weeks on March 20th. Guess who will be one excited girl on that Tuesday.....
this girl.


lately i feel like my vision has been getting crappier by the day so i've been wearing my glasses more frequently this week. they always make me feel like a douche when i realize how much detail i'm missing out on without them on my face. (HELLO, Erin, you need visual assistance!) So, i've been sporting them & seeing beautiful things all around. & what does this result in... everyone telling me how smart, studious, & librarian-ish i look. fabulous!

I actually desperately need a new prescription but haven't decided to give an entire paycheck to cute new glasses/lenses just yet. Although i have been browsing potential pairs online, & it's got me a little excited. for now i'm sticking to my current level of high intelligence with my green ray bans.

one month.

i can hardly believe it's been one whole month since my mista popped the question! One month of wearing this sparkly, beautiful ring on my finger & day dreaming about our future together....


have you set a date!?
the answer is no. Am i crazy for just wanting to bask in the excitement of simply being engaged? i know ill get the planning itch but i think i'm a little too laid back to become bridezilla. let's hope anyway. i am thinking Spring wedding for 2013, & i know i should at least figure out a venue & estimated head count soon, so that's what i'll place on my to-do list. Especially since i'm dreaming of the most popular wedding season.

I know i will be filling this blog space with a plethora of wedding propaganda in the upcoming year, that will surely help with my inspiration, organization & excitement.

I'm engaged & it's just now sinking in! what an exciting time, it's a dream to have found such a wonderful fella to spend my life with.... would you believe he told me he was going to marry me on our first date? i'm so excited for our engagement photo shoot!

he's the reason i believe in destiny.

hey wanderer girl

a sampling of things i've recently discovered whilst perusing the internet...

Condo living just got a lot sweeter... check out these new balconies still under construction at the amazing Aquaria Grand Tower in Mumbai, India.
Uhh, hello glass swimming pool balcony, you are just more than slightly ridiculously awesome.

$3,500.00 viewmaster invites...
sure why not?

i'm such a sucker for apartment therapy. hello, pretty stairs.
i'm still on my yellow high as you can see.

melodic mondaze

sweet as pie, it's bon iver:

Congratulations are in order for their recent grammy success!! It's always amazing when talented musicians are recognized for their creativity & unique skills.

did you see JT's cameo on SNL as Bon Iver the other night?

i missed it live but was delighted to see it today, definitely left me with office giggles. Jay Pharoah impersonating Jay-Z was absolutely spot on!!
Happy Monday! & President's Day! Hope yours was lovely.

Custom Cufflinks DIY

This year the mista received some custom cufflinks for Valentine's Day made by yours truly & he kind of adored them! I thought they came out awesome, & they were so crazy simple to make! So i thought i would share a little how-to. They make great gifts, & everyone can appreciate something that has been custom made for them with a little bit of love.

My future hubby works in the banking industry (which just so happens to be where i first laid eyes on him) so it seemed fitting that i make his cufflinks with old coins for my bankin' beau. While i was working in the corporate banking world i was lucky enough to snag a roll of antique all silver quarters & dimes, because some unlucky sap turned it in with their rolled coins for bills. I actually have my girl Briggi to thank for that. So lucky me i have some sterling quarters from 1914 & 1928 to work with, as well as sterling dimes from the sixties. Foreign coins would also be a great idea, especially if they were from a far off land you both traveled to together!

materials needed:
  • 2 coins, or round typewriter keys, vintage buttons, etc
  • cuff link blanks (i ordered sterling silver ones off Etsy)
  • metal epoxy (i picked mine up from Michael's crafts)
  • a type of cleaner (sterling silver jewelry cleaner for coins)
  • q-tips
  • knife or razor
1. Remove all dirt from your coin (or other item you are planning to adhere) this will allow for a stronger hold onto the plate. i brushed my silver coins with sterling silver jewelry cleaner, then rinsed with water & dried.

2. Next you are going to want to score the plate of your blank cuff link with a knife or razor. Slits & rough spots will make it coarse & aid in the adhering to your coin.

3. Next apply a small but generous (does that make sense?) amount of the epoxy to both the scored plate of the cuff & the side of the coin you do not want exposed. I carefully lined the front right side up of the coin with the horizontal piece of the link. So when it is displayed on the shirt it lays straight.

4. Hold the coin firmly into the glue & then quickly pull away & back together. Use q-tips to brush excess glue off the back, to make it look nicer. The glue dries almost instantly!

All that's left now is to find a cute box to house your custom links before you present them to your special someone ♥

dream house hunt

Although it was a mere seven months ago that we (button & i) moved into my baby penthouse in the sky... the time is nearing to move forward & onward. With two extra special dudes as permanent fixtures in our lives (see: fiance & small weenie dog) i am quite certain we will be needing more space.

guilty confession: i've already had my heart broken over the loss of a lease breaking worthy & heart-stopping freshly painted mint green gem of a home. FACT. In addition to a swell shade of green the house also came with tile floors throughout, multiple rooms aching to be decorated & a beautiful fenced in back yard complete with citrus trees. Swoon. Oh well i am happily hunting & dreaming for the next few months:

cheers to inspiring places!

i'm pretty excited about moving into a home with my girl button & our fellas, not so excited about the move down from the third floor with all my things butttttt, hey there's still a few months & happy hunting to come!

glimpses of valentines day

it was filled with love. hope yours was too. XOXO


On 2.14 the mista & i stayed away from the crowded restaurants & i whipped up a fondue night at my baby penthouse for the two of us.... i kind of love cheese, so fondue is a favorite of mine!! added bonus: fondue creates an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

I've followed a few different fondue cheese recipes in the past & last night i decided i would kind of make my own, i'm delighted that i did, because it was absolutely delectable! So much so that i'm sharing my recipe for Nom Nom Cheese Fondue in case anyone out in the blog-o-sphere is interested:

love love love it! & im implying that you drink the other half of the yummy belgian beer aka stella while making, it adds to the fun of it :) xoxo hope you all had an amazing valentines day!

melodic mondaze

in the early 90's i spent a lot of time singing at the top of my lungs, jumping on my bed, & dancing around, while listening to three incredibly talented females... Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, & Whitney Houston. All of their music brings me back to my youth, my carefree childhood days & Whitney especially reminds me of my mom. She loved her too, & she would drive me around in her subaru & shaggin waggin blaring her hits.

the music world definitely lost an icon. We did too. i dont care what anyone says about her personal struggles with addiction & drugs, she could sing, her voice was incredible & for that alone, she was amazing. At least we always have her music.

whitney by erin jessie on Grooveshark

Saturday Patio Paintin

i spent a few hours out on my chillier than usual patio painting. i started doodling in a new notebook filled with banana pages & became inspired to do a little acrylic to canvas painting.

so relaxing & enjoyable, i'm no highly skilled artist, but i cant help but love the way it feels to create something pretty.

So, this is my little homage to a very special day in January, when my mista floated 4100 feet in the air with me & asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. ♥
i still need to fix the support systems for the balloons, i went a little crazy with the strings & it looks pretty ridiculous.... but, my scaredy-cat fiancé said he appreciated the extra support. how sweet.