bettering myself.

At the start of the year i made a list of goals to work on as the days progress, to better myself & also for general enjoyment. So far i've done a pretty solid job striking a few goals off in addition to working regularly on others (trying new recipes, painting, blogging more) but, i've got an urge to do more, specially working to better myself physically & mentally.

Confession: i love making lists, & filling notebooks & my planner with ideas & daily goals, sometimes a lot of the time these ideas never leave the paper. I've noticed myself feeling a little more tired in the evenings, & after working all day & then cooking/tidying up at home i don't much feel like doing anything on those list. Instead i give into snuggling on the couch with my darling & our little weenie babies, to watch Netflix & veg-out. It's kind of one of my most favorite things ever.

Truth: Sometimes that perpetuates feelings of slight worthlessness, i start to tell myself i'm lazy (though i know i'm really not) but, that i should be doing more in my free time. I obsess over my body image from time to time & currently i'm in one of those phases at the moment.... just not feeling too hot about my appearance.

SO i'm officially taking charge to make myself feel beautiful inside & out! Here's how:

Create a weekly exercise routine. In truth, i'm starting out slow, doing squats, lunges, sit-ups & thirty minutes on the elliptical 5-6 days a week. It's not an insane amount of exercising, but for a girl who doesn't get much - i've already been getting endorphin highs! i'm hoping this will give me the effects i'm looking for to tighten up a bit.

Blog more. for me, blogging functions as a creative outlet. i've been penning my thoughts since i was a little girl in diaries & on the internet since i was fifteen. (holy eleven years!) to put it simply. it brings a little joy into my life.

Wake up early with my mista & brew coffee. Most mornings, the boo gets up long before me, sometimes he even sneaks out without me even noticing... i kind of hate it. in attempts to be up earlier & spend more quality time with him i'm going to try (see, i'm really not a morning person) & get out of bed early.

Create a daily to-do list & stay on top of it. Every day i write notes in my planner, songs i've heard that i love & remind myself to listen to, ideas for future blog posts, bill payments, my work hours, chores, plans etc. it helps me feel organized & get things accomplished.

Create thirty day challenges. It's small & a month flys in, i like to do little thirty day mini challenges, reward myself & see if & how far i want to take them. Right now trying to eat healthier (see: body insecurities) & am in the middle of my no soda thirty day challenge. & i'll probably reward myself with a mexican coca-cola.

Take time to read books.
This is one i've seriously been slippin on, a few months ago i bought three new books, i got half way through one of them before i put it down. Perhaps starting off with a depressing, sick & twisted non-fiction wasn't the best start to kicking off reading again? Ill try again, cause books are filled with wisdom, they let your imagination run wild & plus it's help one's vocab/vernacular grow. i'm always down for that.

it''s all about the baby steps.
Isn't this Ghandi motivational print by francesca rad? you can even DL a free 11 x 17 poster from her site to print & hang.

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  1. Love This post! you know i am a goal setter/list make myself and that i often do not follow through. you ALSO know that i too hate on my appearance from time to time so i know exactly how you feel. i know you are just uncomfortable and want to do this to be healthy, which is AMAZING, but (coming from a girl who saw you LAST NIGHT) you look perfect and are by NO MEANS fat. however, working out is a beautiful thing that i should start more often as while. i admire you for following through (and happen to know you are sticking with it this week also!) GO YOU!!!!!!!!


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