lately i feel like my vision has been getting crappier by the day so i've been wearing my glasses more frequently this week. they always make me feel like a douche when i realize how much detail i'm missing out on without them on my face. (HELLO, Erin, you need visual assistance!) So, i've been sporting them & seeing beautiful things all around. & what does this result in... everyone telling me how smart, studious, & librarian-ish i look. fabulous!

I actually desperately need a new prescription but haven't decided to give an entire paycheck to cute new glasses/lenses just yet. Although i have been browsing potential pairs online, & it's got me a little excited. for now i'm sticking to my current level of high intelligence with my green ray bans.


  1. You're totally rocking the specs look so it's totally fine if you're blind :) Nice blog as well!


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