Sweet February

You have some serious competing to do with January. Despite the sadness of losing my Grandfather (love you), i got to ride in a hot air balloon- which blew my mind & was beyond beautiful, started in on my 2012 goals- & felt quite proud of myself!! Spent time with beautiful people who mean so much to me, became a mommy to another darling little dachshund- Doogle,

& of course got engaged to the most wonderful mista i've ever met!!

& a perfect way to end January included some time with one of my absolute favorite individuals Jessica (paired with her beau Simon = a favorite couple of mine) who stayed inside the baby penthouse over the weekend. Post margaritas & purple hazes amidst Scattergories & hooping fun she captured some cute pics:

That's some serious competition, February...just so you're aware. I love that you have twenty-nine days this time around, for some reason i have a serious soft spot for leap years. cheers to you black history month, lets make it beautiful!!

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  1. aww! i am just now seeing this... i have been absent from bloggerville for at least a month. i love you and am so happy i was able to spend some time with you and jake!


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