My little ones do not have ten fingers & toes, instead they have four short little leggies & look like long, lean & furry little weenies. I like them better than most people. Ruin them like they are spoiled children, & give them excessive amounts of kisses & love. These are some shots of Button & Doogle lounging/playing in their most favorite backyard.... Nana & Poppa's. Yes, my parents have named themselves that for their "granddoggies". srsly.

Nuptially speaking

hola blog-o-sphere! Guess what!? This girl has decided on her wedding colors!! I'm officially rolling with yellow, gray & mint green.  I know typically its usually just two colors, but i'm springing for three. I've got a mental theme down of what i'd like to have, but we still have no date, dress, or venue.

here's some eye catching images that are currently inspiring me:

As i mentioned i'm going with yellow, gray & mint green for wedding colors.  I want to incorporate succulents into the decor. I'm not so focused on having heavy flowers at the reception, so succulents make an interesting, twist as an alternative.  I would love them intertwined in the boutonnieres for the fellas & into my bouquet. Possibly as place settings / favors also.

i want to incorporate hot air balloons into our day as a homage to the proposal. Plus they are whimsical & wonderful. This is pretty perfect for our cake display, i love the balloons & the banner, it's completely sweet & adorable.

& i definitely want a thumb printing balloon image with a beetle for our guests to stamp & print their names with. I think it's awesome, it's unique & would look great framed in our home.Plus the whole balloon & loving V-dubs thing is kinda rad.

I'm dreaming of an outdoor ceremony. Writing & sharing our own vows in front of the ones we love & surrounded by nature.  I'm thinking sunset, but with no date & venue in line these are just thoughts.  How perfect is this circle seating arrangement??

& i'm swooning over this cake:

We've got months & months to sort out the details, but i'm delighted i've got a vision in my head now for when i think of the day we say our do's & i become the Missa to my Mista Dolski.

goodbye winter wear.

My pale legs are making appearances once more in the warmer Spring weather. I've already had a few top down rides with Daisy which has been fabulous. Our winter here in Florida was pretty weak & i can't believe it's already time to retire boots & winter wear for dresses & sandals. Nonetheless, i'm excited Spring is here!! In my head I'm planning a Spring wedding for 2013. We're excited about that! & with about a year of time ahead of us, we are starting to get the ball rolling with ideas & plans. & by we, i mainly mean me. This afternoon my momma & i are headed downtown to a wedding expo to see all things nuptially (yep, just made that a word) related. I may have drove her there yesterday, only to find we were twenty-four hours early. OOPS.

Hello dollhouse

Dear Universe,
     I'm really hoping that you will be sweet & generous towards me today... recently, I was pre-approved for a mortgage  & i've found a home that i've fallen in love with. It resembles a doll house. Seriously. Yesterday, i submitted an offer on said house.  Today i am supposed to find out whether or not that offer was accepted. I'm crossing my fingers & leaving it in your hands.

Isn't it just darling?


i love little getaways, friday evening the FEY-ON-CE & i took sweet Daisy (my VW beetle) down 95 to Delray Beach to visit a very special pair: my BFF Jessica & her handsome suitor Simon.
Jess & I spent years living in the same towns, & every time we're reunited (& separated again) it just makes me realize how much it completely blows not being a few blocks away from her anymore. We spent three consecutive St. Patrick's Days together in Tallahassee & then three apart, this year - we were back together again for the joyous green filled occasion.
Some how we ended up being in the Delray Parade. This was naturally due to Simon/JT$ connections. I'm pretty well convinced we had the most badass float crusin down the street with a live funk rock band entertaining the crowd, & i was pretty entertained myself.
A solid St Pats indeed with my friends & me Irish man. my shot glass necklace came in handy for consuming whiskey, which was awesome & i forced my mista to wear a green fro, i'm kinda glad he did. it was pretty awesome, & led to a dude sharing his green bicycle with him.
Hope yours was equally awesome!!

bath time with doog.

The other night i gave my delightful little four month old weenie, Doogle, a bath. You might think that a pup who cries & jumps endlessly at the edge of the tub each morning while i'm in the shower would enjoy a bath, but you'd be wrong. very wrong.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
 Definitely not a happy little weenie. 

I wonder, are there dogs out there that actually enjoy bath time? All evidence i've personally discovered leads me to believe that no, those type of dogs do not exist. My dogs work quite hard frolicking after squirrels, chasing lizards & rolling in who-knows-what to smell the way they do & hate when i destroy all their hard work with one scrubbing.  I happen to know when Button saw how her little brother was being tortured in the tub she hid from me for ages until i decided to give up. She was not bathed.  Button:1 Erin: 0.

Doogle was quite thankful for it to be over, & thoroughly enjoyed being dried. No surprised there.  This photo of him totally reminds me of Fievel (from An American Tail...)

i can't help but be completely smitten with this dog.

He is the perfect addition to our little family!

Through the lens

We got a new toy this weekend! Here are just a few of the images off our new Nikon J1:

I'm beyond excited about the amazing photographs in our future, i love this camera... we still have a lot to learn & play with along the way, but i seriously cannot wait to capture little button & doogle with it!

Where you live shouldn't determine whether you live.

Back In 2006, i was in college at Florida State University. My main concern was making it to class, keeping up with my social calendar, figuring out what clothes i wanted to wear to said events & spending a lot of time giggling with my friends. In truth, it was pretty carefree & awesome. Perhaps a life that a young person in Uganda could only dream about then, for their concerns were survival.

One morning as i was hurrying along to one of my favorite classes (ever)... Religion & Ethics with Dr. Reid, my mind was presumably wandering about minute things in my own life, & i ready to take in more worldly matters from her that day. Dr. Reid, a bleeding heart liberal, taught her classes in an unorthodox fashion, & i admired her for that. Instead of text books, she required a number of small paper back books. Instead of lectures she would use "circle time" to involve the class with debates, she shared videos & documentaries, out of the box ideals, & made me aware of things happening in our world i had no idea about. It was truly an eye-opening class that changed that way i thought.

One of the things she made me aware of was the existence of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) a militant group led by Joseph Kony, with extreme religious ideology, known for the extreme atrocities they commit against civilians, including: killings, mutilations, rape, and in some accounts... even cannibalism. Dr. Reid also made me aware, that same day, about Invisible Children, a movement seeking to end the conflict in Africa and stop the abduction of children for use as child soldiers in the LRA. The video Invisible Children: Rough Cut blew my mind, & as tears welled up in my eyes in class that morning i couldn't fathom living in Africa & couldn't comprehend how the rest of the world could just sit idly by as genocide & unimaginably terrible acts happened to children & adults... daily on our planet.

Six years later it's still happening. This is the year we end it!

The movement has gotten so much stronger & i'm incredibly impressed by the young people of my generation who have made this their lives work, put their hearts & an overwhelming amount of passion & love into Invisible Children. 2012 is the year to stop Kony, & we can all help. Watch this video... that's going crazy viral, to educate yourself & make him famous, to make everyone aware that we demand his capture.

Thirty minutes that will open your eyes & your heart:


Spread love for our planet & share this video with everyone you can! Talk about it & be a part of this epic movement. STOP KONY 2012.

morning musings.

Am i the only one who chuckles when i see someone has wrote LMBO as an alternate to LMAO? As if the sheer notion of the acronym containing a single letter to represent a "curse" word needs to be changed to become appropriate & non-offensive? Laughing my bottom/buttocks/bum/&booty off just seems so cheap to me. Bum: the poor man's ass. Maybe that's just my take because i have a [bad?] habit of cursing like a dirty sailor at times.

//i hate Nickelback. [doesn't everyone?} this parody mocking them is pretty hilarious & I'm pretty sure it's all in one take, which impresses me.

//i found out today that the Dalai Lama is tweeting away on Twitter. Of course, hes far too omnipotent to follow anyone, but that hasn't seemed to keep away his 3.7 million followers. [ok, i'm in. make that 3,760,665]

//swooned whilst perusing Pinterest & discovered this giant paper flower DIY on one of my fav blogs. Is it too much for my wedding day? I'm thinking it's pretty whimsical & fabulous...

Happy Taco Tuesday everyone. Can you guess whats for dinner tonight?

melodic mondaze

This week i've spent a lot of time spinning James Taylor on my record player. He's fantastic & i'm convinced he sounds infinitely better on vinyl. So, this morning when i found myself pondering what to feature for my typical monday post, i began singing Going to Carolina. I took that as a sign, & looked no further. It's true, some people have been living inside a bubble & don't know about how amazing James Taylor's music is. Well, in a word- it's beautiful. It's feel good music for these windy chill filled dawn & dusks mixed with the perfect blend for sunny afternoons. Kind of perfect for daydreaming...

really rad redheads.

having red hair is pretty special, & whether you choose to embrace it, or cover it up... it's pretty awesome to be a member of the natural gingers club, we do make up less than two percent of the worlds population.  Sure, it comes with obvious banter, comments about having no soul, typically the unique ability to have light beam off our milky skin & a plethora of nicknames that will follow you from friends & strangers alike....recipe for greatness?? Not quite, but I've embraced my ginger locks & maybe after reading about some seriously awesome redheads, you'll see that having red hair is pretty rad too... ginger roll call:
  • Vincent Van Gogh one of my favorite painters, who created over 2,100 works of art with his bold, unique, & emotionally honest style. Definitely suffered from mental illness & anxiety leading to self mutilation & eventually suicide... but, he left us with some seriously inspiring works of art.
  • Lucille Ball hilarious & iconic American actress.  Best known for her antics on her popular show I Love Lucy, which is where i fell in love with her silly nature.  She was definitely keepin it real for redheads, & she's even more awesome for ignoring racial boundaries & marrying a dashing Cuban man in the forties.
  • Willie Nelson author, activist, poet & musician.  Everybody loves Willie, though his red hairs have turned white & gray in his trademark double braids he is still rockin. I dig him for his music, his environmental works, being a liberal activist & reppin hard for the legalization of marijuana.
  • Prince Harry oh so handsome Prince Harry. You've always been my favorite of the two with your mischevious smile. i love you for being Diana's son, being a badass in the British military, a little party animal & for being a handsome ginger man... those aren't too common.
  • Shaun White triple threat, flying tomato Shaun White. Completely sick for dominating on any board & for scoring two Olympic gold medals.  I always root for him. He always makes me laugh on late night interviews, sometimes has a stache & loves Target. sold yet?
  • Cintia Dickers super hottie Brazillian super model. i fully have a girl crush on her. she's of German descent, undeniably beautiful & has appeared in Bebe, H&M, Sports Illustrated, Victoria's Secret, D&G, Gucci, etc.  I like her just because she's a stunning ginger that i'm completely envious of. I've even mentioned her once twice before.
  • Cleopatra WHAAAAT!?! Yup, it's argued that our own Queen of the Nile was a ginger. Rumor has it that the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt donned black wigs concealing her red locks. She was a gorgeous woman, proven by successful conquers of powerful men. Onto her ginger hair... this revelation is based on an image found on a wall in Herculaneum, which shows a woman with red hair surrounded by Egyptian motifs identified as Cleopatra herself. In her book, "Cleopatra the Great," Joann Fletcher writes: "Cleopatra may well have been a redhead, judging from the portrait of a flame-haired woman wearing the royal diadem surrounded by Egyptian motifs which has been identified as Cleopatra." She also states that red hair became something of a fashion statement in Cleopatra's Alexandria, writing: "The red hair of the Germanic tribes conquered by Caesar was particularly prized for this purpose. It was a shade favored by fashionable Alexandrian women, including some in the royal household. Presumably Cleopatra's own auburn hair had set the trend, maybe enhanced with a vegetable colorant such as henna." So there you have it, Cleo the Ginga.
  • L. Ron Hubbard pulp fiction novelist who inspired an entire relgion: Scientology. [note: i am not a believer in Scientology.] This red haired man wrote about Science Fiction, created a cult following that lead to a new religious movement. His writings are the guiding texts for the Church. Kudos to a revolutionary ginge, who is completely controversial, but in spite of that, he has inspired thousands of believers.
  • Galileo Galilei better known simply as Galileo, He was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution. We can thank him for his discoveries in Space, including the confirmation of the Phases of Venus, & the Galilean Moons of Jupiter. Science & Space freaks call him the Father of Science & Astronomy.
Of course there are many more rad redheads, these are just a few cherry topped gems.
 Cheers to being awesome fellow gingers!