Where you live shouldn't determine whether you live.

Back In 2006, i was in college at Florida State University. My main concern was making it to class, keeping up with my social calendar, figuring out what clothes i wanted to wear to said events & spending a lot of time giggling with my friends. In truth, it was pretty carefree & awesome. Perhaps a life that a young person in Uganda could only dream about then, for their concerns were survival.

One morning as i was hurrying along to one of my favorite classes (ever)... Religion & Ethics with Dr. Reid, my mind was presumably wandering about minute things in my own life, & i ready to take in more worldly matters from her that day. Dr. Reid, a bleeding heart liberal, taught her classes in an unorthodox fashion, & i admired her for that. Instead of text books, she required a number of small paper back books. Instead of lectures she would use "circle time" to involve the class with debates, she shared videos & documentaries, out of the box ideals, & made me aware of things happening in our world i had no idea about. It was truly an eye-opening class that changed that way i thought.

One of the things she made me aware of was the existence of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) a militant group led by Joseph Kony, with extreme religious ideology, known for the extreme atrocities they commit against civilians, including: killings, mutilations, rape, and in some accounts... even cannibalism. Dr. Reid also made me aware, that same day, about Invisible Children, a movement seeking to end the conflict in Africa and stop the abduction of children for use as child soldiers in the LRA. The video Invisible Children: Rough Cut blew my mind, & as tears welled up in my eyes in class that morning i couldn't fathom living in Africa & couldn't comprehend how the rest of the world could just sit idly by as genocide & unimaginably terrible acts happened to children & adults... daily on our planet.

Six years later it's still happening. This is the year we end it!

The movement has gotten so much stronger & i'm incredibly impressed by the young people of my generation who have made this their lives work, put their hearts & an overwhelming amount of passion & love into Invisible Children. 2012 is the year to stop Kony, & we can all help. Watch this video... that's going crazy viral, to educate yourself & make him famous, to make everyone aware that we demand his capture.

Thirty minutes that will open your eyes & your heart:


Spread love for our planet & share this video with everyone you can! Talk about it & be a part of this epic movement. STOP KONY 2012.

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