melodic mondaze

i fell a little in love with Rogue Wave when i heard their song 'Eyes' (six!!) years ago. I kind of forgot about them. I had an ugly day today, it wasn't terrible or anything - just an off day that left me aching for a glass of wine, comfy pants & the inside of my baby penthouse. It was one of those Mondays that just start all wrong... where i'm rushing in the shower counting the minutes i have til i have to dart out the door. Actually, that's most weekday mornings, but i really hate the ones where i've been awake a mere twenty minutes before i have to go. Usually i get over it once i'm sitting at my desk, but my case of the mondays lasted for ten hours. Brutal. Tuesday please be kind to me..

I found an acoustic performance online today of rogue wave's 'Good Morning'. I like it better than the original version of the song. I'm putting it into the universe... tomorrow i'm having a good morning.

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  1. you and i seem to slip away from our postings around the same time, everytime.


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