blogging hiatus: June

Oh June, a fantastic month because we got our dollhouse! ♥ more loads on that in the near future!

also, some time in the sun, oh hello summer! Button & Doogle went to the beach together, for Doog's first time meeting the ocean - & he charged right in to the Atlantic. adorable! I seriously fall more in love with that little guy every single day, & i think Button does too. He's the perfect addition to our little circle.

& Lots of renovation projects & planning came into the works in June, including paint! I waited in line for about two hours to meet a southern rock legend, named Gregg Allman & get his signature on his autobiography. I also got to celebrate the month a little sunflower was born before June turned into July....much needed. Even got to have a wine slumber party with three of my girls i routinely spent the night with in high school, flashbacks in a really good way. Summer has been kind so far.

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