2wenty se7en

well, internet travelers, it's official... i am another year older. & maybe a little wiser too. last year i wrote a list of twenty-seven things i hoped to accomplish before the illusive two-seven rolled around. I successfully marked fifteen things off, & i'm actually proud of myself for that.... i guess that's because so often i start things & rarely finish, so i'm naturally impressed with myself for completing a solid chunk of those little goals. hey erin, way to go! (wiser erin talks in third person? ...perhaps.)
I mean since the last August 14th i did get engaged, welcomed another weenie baby into our family, & purchased our very first home - twenty-six was met with some serious milestones. i floated in a beautiful giant hot air balloon, one of my best friends got married & i said goodbye to an wonderful sweet man named Grandpa... that was rough.

i'm having a love/hate relationship with twenty-seven so far. i kind of hate getting older, but at the same time i'm happy here. i'll be twenty-seven when my last name becomes my mista's, & that's pretty amazing.

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