melodic mondaze

major kudos to a fella who created an entire EP as a one-man project via a Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend. how equally adorable & astounding is that? Chunk of Change, circulated among friends & acquaintances & eventually exploded into a five-piece band that got the attention of Death Cab for Cutie - who invited them to tour. Epic right?

i had no idea the blissfully catchy melodies derived from such sweet humble beginnings until i decided to feature an already popular Passion Pit today on MM.... mainly because i can't get their latest single out my head. Deja entendu to 'Sleepy Head' which had me dancing my ass off in oh-eight @ TSI. Now i'm officially teenage girl swooning over Michael Angelakos, the brainchild of Passion Pit.

Passion Pit which formed in Boston, dropped their first full length Manners in 2009 & their latest - Gossamer released this year in late July. it's fantastic, their sound is like tiny explosions of electronic blooms... feathering harmonic melodies & dancing vocals. That explanation sounds strangely vague, but it makes sense to me.

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