Somehow i've managed to keep this pretty little succulent alive for eight months now. A small feat to some, but kind of epic for me. high-five mother nature, i've been doing an alright job of nurturing your babies around the dollhouse. cheap thrills.

i stayed hidden in the house all weekend with the mister, doing grown-up married things. Sometimes i still can't believe i'm an adult, that i have a mortgage & i'm in charge of buying shampoo & toilet paper. Figuring out & cooking meals (tonight i'm guilty of eating six oreos with milk for dinner- oops.) None of these things are new, i guess i just feel nineteen sometimes, but then when i think about nineteen, it's so obvious i'm not there anymore. Which is good, i'm growing & I dig being a wife, i even think i'm pretty good at it. i love opening a bottle of wine & making chicken parmesan together in our kitchen. i love that after we play Mario Kart, & get really into it. I like the projects we tackle together, our little adventures & our weekends when we hide from the world. I think it's important to not take yourself too seriously & still let yourself be young at heart, while being all grown-up...

Even if that does mean eating cookies for dinner.

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they will see us waving {from such great heights}

i finally uploaded photos from our camera to my computer & it was like reliving our honeymoon & adventures all over again. It made me feel like sharing, & this blog is kind of a show & tell of sorts, so here goes:

You know what a crazy person does the day before they get married? Two hours prior to their rehearsal dinner?

They go flying in a helicopter.

We were "gifted" a helicopter tour of St. Augustine the day before our wedding. An exciting adventure to take away the stresses from planning & prepping for our big day, i was told. The idea of this could be good in theory, i suppose, but for me it was kind of a gift box of anxiety tied with a bow. Sure, i'm afraid of heights, but i did go zip-lining in Jamaica, & i did go over four thousand feet up in a hot air balloon, so this was definitely doable. Except, i kept thinking - what if we die twenty-four hours prior to our wedding?? Will all our friends & family just turn our wedding into a funeral? {morbid much?}

Another reason i was all kinds of anxious, is most likely because i was doing what i imagine every bride does the day before her wedding - scrambles around trying to make sure everything is organized & packed & all ready for the wedding festivities. If you got married, and spent the day before carefree in a spa, sipping pinot grigio, well, high-five dude, you win.

Our "gift" was scheduled for 3pm, all we had to was show up & get strapped in for our very first helicopter ride. I'm using gift with quotes because, it turned out when we arrived at our scheduled time, our pilot knew exactly who we were, exactly who reserved our spot, but we were left to unexpectedly pay for it (& tip our pilot). So, i guess when i use the term gift, i'm using it incorrectly. ha.

So, maybe it's crazy to go flying right before you get married, but it was, really awesome.

We got to tour all of historic St. Augustine from the sky, & it was such a unique experience. Our pilot even drove over our rooftop venue where we got married which was pretty amazing. it was truly an unforgettable experience & to nerd out... i thought talking on the headsets was really cool.

^^ couldnt resist an iPhone selfie! Of course, it was insanely bright up there, which is why we looked so washed out :)

In closing, riding in helicopters is pretty awesome - gifted or not. Props to Old City Helicopters Epic!

Project Dollhouse: the lounge

A peek inside the lounge, probably my most favorite room in the dollhouse.
I adore this room for so many reasons, i love that you see it immediately when you enter our house, i love that sunlight cascades through our front facing windows & dances on the wood floors. I love, love, love the colors, various patterns & artwork, & that it houses some of my most cherished items...our record player & vinyl collection, my vintage typewriter, my fav. pieces of mid-century furniture we bought & restored, our hookah, & weenie dog lamp.

Our weenie dogs love this room too! They love rolling all over our geometric rug & no matter how hard i try, whenever we leave the house, this is where they hang out & wait for us while they sit on the white couch & peer out the window.

it's hard to imagine, but when we moved in last year, this room was completely beige (yes, beige floor tiles too) & no life at all. changing it & making it our own has been incredibly rewarding!

Gingerly Blushing {formally, dreaming dandelion}

Somewhere around a year ago i found myself backing away from the blogosphere.  For whatever reason, i didn't have that desire to blog, & felt unsure as to what i was even doing with this little place of mine in cyberspace.  It went a little something like this- part writers block, part disinterest, mixed with some self-doubt... [i am admittedly guilty to comparing myself to strangers on the internet, who maintain awesome blogs & at times, unknowingly, make me feel insanely inferior] thus resulting in me checking out. I stopped logging in & I even stopped perusing my most favorite blogs.  It happens, just ask my livejournal from years past.

Maybe it was partly because my personal life became a little overwhelming- endless house projects in our first home, while working a full time job, & oh yeah - planning a wedding. & guess what, all that planning led to me becoming a married woman! It still {five months later} feels a little crazy to write... but, i am so ridiculously happy to be a newlywed & officially Mrs. Dolan.  Our wedding was an absolute dream {more on that later}.
image credit to Stephen Knuth

So, here i am, back again, exactly three hundred & sixty five days since my last post, itching to put my thoughts & tidbits of my personal life out into the blog world once more.  I felt like changing things up a bit & decided to rename my blog, because well, change is constant & it is good.  Though i still consider myself a dreamer who cant resist the temptation of blowing dandelions. 
Gingerly Blushing:
   the personal blog of a ginger girl with an affinity for blush & the overwhelming feeling of being love struck. 

If you're out there reading this, Hello! I'm {fingers crossed} hoping to share peeks into my life a few times a week.