Gingerly Blushing {formally, dreaming dandelion}

Somewhere around a year ago i found myself backing away from the blogosphere.  For whatever reason, i didn't have that desire to blog, & felt unsure as to what i was even doing with this little place of mine in cyberspace.  It went a little something like this- part writers block, part disinterest, mixed with some self-doubt... [i am admittedly guilty to comparing myself to strangers on the internet, who maintain awesome blogs & at times, unknowingly, make me feel insanely inferior] thus resulting in me checking out. I stopped logging in & I even stopped perusing my most favorite blogs.  It happens, just ask my livejournal from years past.

Maybe it was partly because my personal life became a little overwhelming- endless house projects in our first home, while working a full time job, & oh yeah - planning a wedding. & guess what, all that planning led to me becoming a married woman! It still {five months later} feels a little crazy to write... but, i am so ridiculously happy to be a newlywed & officially Mrs. Dolan.  Our wedding was an absolute dream {more on that later}.
image credit to Stephen Knuth

So, here i am, back again, exactly three hundred & sixty five days since my last post, itching to put my thoughts & tidbits of my personal life out into the blog world once more.  I felt like changing things up a bit & decided to rename my blog, because well, change is constant & it is good.  Though i still consider myself a dreamer who cant resist the temptation of blowing dandelions. 
Gingerly Blushing:
   the personal blog of a ginger girl with an affinity for blush & the overwhelming feeling of being love struck. 

If you're out there reading this, Hello! I'm {fingers crossed} hoping to share peeks into my life a few times a week. 

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