Somehow i've managed to keep this pretty little succulent alive for eight months now. A small feat to some, but kind of epic for me. high-five mother nature, i've been doing an alright job of nurturing your babies around the dollhouse. cheap thrills.

i stayed hidden in the house all weekend with the mister, doing grown-up married things. Sometimes i still can't believe i'm an adult, that i have a mortgage & i'm in charge of buying shampoo & toilet paper. Figuring out & cooking meals (tonight i'm guilty of eating six oreos with milk for dinner- oops.) None of these things are new, i guess i just feel nineteen sometimes, but then when i think about nineteen, it's so obvious i'm not there anymore. Which is good, i'm growing & I dig being a wife, i even think i'm pretty good at it. i love opening a bottle of wine & making chicken parmesan together in our kitchen. i love that after we play Mario Kart, & get really into it. I like the projects we tackle together, our little adventures & our weekends when we hide from the world. I think it's important to not take yourself too seriously & still let yourself be young at heart, while being all grown-up...

Even if that does mean eating cookies for dinner.

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