they will see us waving {from such great heights}

i finally uploaded photos from our camera to my computer & it was like reliving our honeymoon & adventures all over again. It made me feel like sharing, & this blog is kind of a show & tell of sorts, so here goes:

You know what a crazy person does the day before they get married? Two hours prior to their rehearsal dinner?

They go flying in a helicopter.

We were "gifted" a helicopter tour of St. Augustine the day before our wedding. An exciting adventure to take away the stresses from planning & prepping for our big day, i was told. The idea of this could be good in theory, i suppose, but for me it was kind of a gift box of anxiety tied with a bow. Sure, i'm afraid of heights, but i did go zip-lining in Jamaica, & i did go over four thousand feet up in a hot air balloon, so this was definitely doable. Except, i kept thinking - what if we die twenty-four hours prior to our wedding?? Will all our friends & family just turn our wedding into a funeral? {morbid much?}

Another reason i was all kinds of anxious, is most likely because i was doing what i imagine every bride does the day before her wedding - scrambles around trying to make sure everything is organized & packed & all ready for the wedding festivities. If you got married, and spent the day before carefree in a spa, sipping pinot grigio, well, high-five dude, you win.

Our "gift" was scheduled for 3pm, all we had to was show up & get strapped in for our very first helicopter ride. I'm using gift with quotes because, it turned out when we arrived at our scheduled time, our pilot knew exactly who we were, exactly who reserved our spot, but we were left to unexpectedly pay for it (& tip our pilot). So, i guess when i use the term gift, i'm using it incorrectly. ha.

So, maybe it's crazy to go flying right before you get married, but it was, really awesome.

We got to tour all of historic St. Augustine from the sky, & it was such a unique experience. Our pilot even drove over our rooftop venue where we got married which was pretty amazing. it was truly an unforgettable experience & to nerd out... i thought talking on the headsets was really cool.

^^ couldnt resist an iPhone selfie! Of course, it was insanely bright up there, which is why we looked so washed out :)

In closing, riding in helicopters is pretty awesome - gifted or not. Props to Old City Helicopters Epic!

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