LOVING// throwing up magical x-mas decs through-out the dollhouse. I didn't realize how much i enjoyed it until everything was up & now i can't help but wonder where else i can put lights up- this is me channeling Clark Griswold. The little cold front we got here in North Florida last week was kind of amazing. It was 37° & i got to wear a coat.

LISTENING// lately i've been listening to a lot of the XX. The latest Arcade Fire, Eminem (have you seen how skinny he is!?), & i definitely dedicated a few hours to the entire Weezer discography Monday to get through work after four days off. Also, a mix of playlists on Spotify, some may or may not include top 40 hits. GUILTY. This morning i caught myself singing along to Santa Baby by Madonna. Yes, that's happening.

LOOKING FORWARD TO// spending some quality time with my BFF this weekend. SO excited she's coming home, we are insanely overdue for hanging out (without the help of our iPhones), retail therapy & clinking glasses. Also, a three day weekend next week including a college friend's (GO Noles!) Friday the 13th wedding in Orlando, & our annual Christmas party for work- arguably better than your company's {see: open bar, ruth's chris steak house, party bus & lots of dancing.}

WATCHING// lots of football. If you've been hiding under a rock, maybe you haven't noticed that the Noles are Number 1 on every poll & i am elated at the idea of Jameis Winston leading Florida State to a National Championship Victory. Also, House of Cards. I haven't devoured it like Orange is the new Black, but i'm hooked. Oh & i scratched one more movie off "The Erin, you haven't seen _____!?! What have you been doing with your life, list?" It was Shawshank Redemption, & it was really good.

WORKING ON// a way to spend the least amount of time in brick & mortar shops for holiday prezzie shopping. Cyber Monday helped a little with this goal- Sometimes i really hate retail shopping, especially this season. Getting creative vibes flowing again- for the design aesthetics of this blog, & overall feel. I've been purging a ton of old posts, & even spent some time reading old entries from my livejournal days {hello epic flashbacks}. Also, i'm attempting to get myself back a few digits on the scale, eating better & exercising more {are the meme's true- get married & get fat? say it isn't so...}.

Props to a stimulating blogger gal for inspiring this post.

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