endlessly inspired by Brand New

A little over eleven years ago, i was so close to eighteen i could almost taste it. I had just graduated from high school, had no clue what i was going to do with my life, & lived for things like new music & new clothes. I guess in truth, i still live for those things. I remember anxiously awaiting the release of Brand New's sophomore album - Deja Entendu to arrive at FYE records, & when it did i was stoked to put that CD on in my cabrio & fill the air with magic. It was nothing like i had expected & it blew my mind.

Many years later, two & half more albums under their belt. (yes, i'm counting those leaked demos - Fight off your Demons as the half) later & Deja Entendu is still my favorite album to date.

Lately i've been feeling a lacking in my creativity & it's been maddening. I had my headphones on & when Tautou came on, i pictured the album cover in my head & decided i was going to paint. I absolutely love the way it turned out - it's been so long since i've painted & i'm pretty proud of myself for how well i think it came out.