Sunday's are for sharing secrets...

so here's our big one:

coming this October... a tiny version of me & the mista!

I can hardly believe there's a little peach growing side of me. It was mid February when my friend texted me out of no where to let me know she "had the weirdest feeling i was pregnant". I told her she was way off.

... GUESS WHAT??? Four positive pregnancy tests proved otherwise.

Insert a very freaked out Erin here ____ . I was so not expecting to be, well, expecting. Since then, outside of a handful of people, this has been my big, ginormous secret. I mean i've gone all out - fake drinking at all social events, including a freaking wedding! This is how it goes: I arrive, consume copious amounts of mocktails (alcohol free) or pretend to drink beer & slyly switch cups/bottles with Jake in an attempt to fool everyone into thinking i'm getting loaded- because otherwise i'm sending out all kinds of red flags. I even dance with strangers. I've gotten really good at this game. Also, Jake has been super helpful in assisting me with this. This sounds nuts. I just wasn't ready to tell everyone about my 'bun in the oven' until i entered into the second trimester.

Hello 2nd Trimester!!

It feels pretty awesome to have it all out in the open finally.


I've absolutely engrossed myself in baby growing information since i've found out - every week my baby is compared to some type of fruit or vegetable which is borderline hilarious at times. My little 13 week 'peach' has been giving me intense, body crushing, morning sickness for weeks now which is really cool. Good news is, everything i've read gives me big hopes that mess will be coming to a close as we ease into this trimester. Fingers crossed. Baby can hear music now, so i figure i'll just keep playing her? him? really great music & they'll settle it down a bit.