pregnant, will eat all your ice cream.

I'm strolling Savannah with Jake while i'm all kinds of pregnant.  It's gorgeous out, full of good eats & loads of people believe (based on my appearance) that i could go into labor at any moment.  That's super exciting since i have nearly 2.5 months left to cook this muffin. I just smile when they say "wow, any day now huh?" I kind of can't fathom how much more i'll grow in the upcoming weeks but i seriously feel great. 

This city is so walkable (even for me, at this stage in the game) actually i take that back, the old brick stairs by the riverfront were a little dicey.... but generally its been awesome & the scenery isn't half bad either:

Since I can't participate in the open container policy of this lovely little town i'm eating copious amounts of chocolate & all the ice cream to make up for it.

Leopold's shares the same birthday week as me, which meant waiting in a very long line, outside, for close to an hour to try delicious ice cream at a fraction of the price.

I had indecision and picked two flavors.

Not gonna lie - it was so worth it. More on this lovely town later...

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